Thank You

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By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Thanks for the kind messages flooding in from all over the world. The Loudons and our immediate family are all absolutely fine.

The 65 dead have been downgraded to 39, but this is “identified” victims. Dead bodies are being left where they lie as rescuers concentrate on finding the living. Around 11 people were pulled out alive from collapsed buildings overnight. Police have warned that the final death tally will be “significantly higher.”

Personally I have only been touched twice – so far.

A friend’s truck was crushed by rubble, 5 minutes after he stepped out of it.

Another friend, Jo Giles, hasn’t been heard from. She is possibly in the 5 story CTV building that was leveled. Both bodies and survivors have been pulled from this building.

Please keep her in your thoughts.

Thanks again for all the kind messages.

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