Obama Takes A Stand on Libya

By: Nancy Morgan
Right Bias

Obama has finally taken a stand on the ongoing carnage in Libya. After nine days of silence, he has finally and forcefully, condemned the “outrageous” crackdown by Libyan security forces on protesters. He also said that a unified international response was forming. Whew.

Translation: America will stand firmly behind the United Nations. We will wait and see what the global consensus and political ramifications are before taking sides against a murderous thug.

The day before Obama firmly came out on the side of world peace via Libya, his press secretary had informed the world that Obama’s 9 day silence on the Libyan inferno was due to “scheduling conflicts.” Now that Obama has made time in his schedule, he has finally made a decision. America is going to let the United Nations handle the problem.

Obama, in his best presidential voice, (complete with reverb) has decided to dispatch Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the United Nations to persuade them to take the lead on the Libyan fiasco. Hillary’s job is to convince other third world dictators that hiring sociopaths to randomly shoot protestors in cold blood is just not the way to go.

No word yet if her diplomatic efforts will bear fruit. Hope, however, is still Obama’s policy. As to whether his hope will affect change, the signs are encouraging. Gadhafi took time off from killing protesters to confirm to the world that Barack is his buddy. “He is of Muslim descent, his policy should be supported, as he now leans towards peace.” There you have it.

Meanwhile, the United Nations also showed its’ desire for world peace by making a small concession. The U.N. Development Program has dropped Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s daughter as a goodwill ambassador.

With the United Nations firmly in charge, Americans will not be able to blame Obama. After all, Obama has been perfectly clear from day one that he favors a “global community” over an upstart and aggressive United States. What right does America have to a premier position in world affairs? Finally, Obama is standing by a position he actually took during his presidential campaign.

America, under Obama, has abdicated its leadership authority in world affairs. Instead of meddling in other countries, Obama has instead focused his power and authority here at home. His wife is conducting a war on obesity while Obama meets quietly with union leaders to figure out how to stop the anti-union protests that threaten his base. His schedule is full as he works tirelessly on behalf of some Americans.

Not to worry. The United States still has influence in the Arab world. Just yesterday, Saudi Arabia adopted one of Obama’s most visible policies for dealing with recalcitrant subjects.

Taking a cue from Obama, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah decided to quell unrest by throwing dollars on the problem. Abdullah announced that he will generously spend $36 billion bucks to increase the pay of civil servants by 15%. The King also announced a reprieve for imprisoned deadbeats and increased aid for students and the unemployed.

See, America still has influence. Now if some of those terrorists would just cut down on their carbs, we might finally be able to achieve the world peace Obama promised us.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for conservative news site RightBias.com. She lives in South Carolina.


Red Reps. 1 – Kyrsten Sinema – Communist Party and Soros Connections

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema is a State Representative from Arizona. She serves as the Assistant Leader to the Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives and represents central Phoenix in the Arizona Legislature District 15. Now in her third term, she is the ranking Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee and the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee.

Regarded as a high flyer, Sinema will almost certainly run for national office at some point in the future.

Sinema is an Arizona native, born and raised in a border region. She graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work at the age of 18. While advocating for “marginalized and oppressed communities in the state,” she earned her master’s degree in Social Work and later went on to graduate cum laude with her juris doctorate from Arizona State University. In addition, she was hired as an adjunct professor in the School of Social Work at ASU at the age of 26 to teach master’s level courses in fundraising and political and social policy. Kyrsten Sinema was elected to the House of Representatives in 2004, after nearly a decade of professional practice as a social worker and “social justice” advocate.

The Communist Party USA plays a major role in Arizona’s “progressive community” and has in the past counted Sinema among its affiliates.

Kyrsten Sinema was a signatory to an advertisement, “May Day and Cinco de Mayo greetings,” placed in the Communist Party paper People’s Weekly World May 4, 2002. Such ads were traditionally placed in the Communist Party paper every May Day, sponsored by local party clubs, members or supporters.

Arizona’s progressive community extends May Day and Cinco de Mayo greetings to all our friends across the country. We commit ourselves to resist the Bush Administration’s drive for ever increasing military spending and a never ending state of war. We must redouble our efforts to build a people’s coalition that will drive the ultra right out of Congress next November.

Co-signing the advertisement with Sinema were Communist Party USA members Joe Bernick, Jack Blawis, Lem Harris, Lorenzo Torrez, Anita Torrez, Carolyn Trowbridge, Steve Valencia, the Tuscon and East Valley Clubs of the Communist Party and party fronts the Arizona Peace Council and the Salt of the Earth Labor College.

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Here is Kystern Sinema’s endorsement:

To see the whole page, go here.

Shortly after her election in 2004, Kyrsten Sinema and former State Representative Steve May formed Arizona Together, the statewide coalition to defeat Arizona’s same-sex marriage ban. During the course of the two years leading up to the 2006 election, Sinema led the campaign’s effort to raise nearly $3 million, research, craft and deliver a winning message, and build a broad-based, statewide coalition of community leaders, organizations and businesses.

Arizona made history Nov. 7, 2006, when its voters became the first in the nation to reject a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Wrote Arizona Communist Party leader and Arizona Together activist Joe Bernick:

So how did we do it?

The answer is: educating, organizing and mobilizing. As soon as proponents started circulating petitions to put 107 on the ballot, opponents brought out their own clipboards, signing up thousands of volunteers. Arizona Together emerged as the campaign committee, chaired by progressive state Rep. Kyrsten Sinema.

Circa 2008, four members of the Arizona state legislature, including Sinema, joined together to form a “Progressive Caucus” in the House of Representatives of the Arizona State Legislature.

In 2010, Kyrsten Sinema served on the Board of Directors for the Progressive States Network, an organization which seeks to “transform the political landscape by sparking progressive actions at the state level.” This organization is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Sinema serves on numerous community and national boards, including as Board President of Community Outreach and Advocacy for Refugees, the YWCA of Maricopa County, the influential Center for Progressive Leadership, and the Young Elected Officials’ Network. She is the recipient of awards for her political leadership, including the NAACP Civil Rights Award, AZ Hispanic Community Forum Friend of the Year, Planned Parenthood Legislative CHOICE Award, Sierra Club’s Most Valuable Player and the AZ Public Health Association Legislator of the Year.

Significantly, Sinema also serves as board member of Progressive Democrats of America (as the only state legislator on the board), a project of Democratic Socialists of America, the far left Institute for Policy Studies and the Congressional Progressive Caucus, designed specifically to move the Democratic Party to the far left.

To whom does Kyrsten Sinema owe her primary allegiance – the progressive Soros agenda, her old friends in the Arizona Communist Party or to the “mom and pop” voters of Arizona?


The Council Has Spoken! 02/25/11

From: The Watcher’s Council

It’s that time again…the votes have been cast, the Council has spoken and this week’s winners become a part of cyber-history! (did I just invent a word?!??)

The events in Wisconsin were on many member’s minds this week, so it’s perhaps no surprise that this week’s winner, Bookworm Room carried off the prize with her fine essay Thoughts about the Wisconsin teachers’ union. Here’s a nice slice:

In a dreadful economy, in a state with a huge debt load, you’d think that the public sector employees would be sanguine about the proposal. After all, they get to keep their jobs, they get to keep their benefits, and they still have salaries and benefits that exceed those given to their taxpayer employees. In addition, the unions that they are currently to which they are currently forced to belong would have to be run more fairly.

If you were looking for reasoned thought from unions, however, you’d be looking a long, long time. The unions and their Democrat consigliores have gone absolutely ballistic. The Democrat politicians have gone into hiding and the teachers have gone on the march.

With regard to the teacher protests, you’ve already heard about the illegal strike; the ill-informed and indoctrinated students dragged into the fray; the vile signs likening Walker to Hitler or Hussein or Mubarak, or placing gun sights on Walker’s face’ and the filth these protesters left in their wake. What I’m more interested in is why the teachers? Other public sector employees are also subject to these budget proposals, but it’s the teachers who are leading the way.

Part of the answer, of course, lies with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. In a state in which the teachers’ union has been likened to the fourth branch of government, it was he who first made Americans aware of the way in which teacher’s unions, more than any other single employee group, are putting a pinch on state government coffers. Suddenly, teachers aren’t the sweet-faced little ladies teaching Johnny and Janie to read. Instead, they’re well-paid cogs benefiting from the union’s depredations.

Christie is always careful, in his speeches, to distinguish individual teachers from the unions themselves, and he’s right to do so. It is the unions that are rapacious. The teachers benefit, of course, from the union demands. They’d be absolute idiots to say “No, I don’t want the salary you’re handing me; no, I don’t want the benefits that are coming my way; and, please, forget about that tenure that makes sure I’ll have a job forever.” Each individual teacher knows that if he should decide unilaterally to be honorable and turn down the salary and benefits headed his way, it would change nothing. The situation would continue the same, but he’d be poor.

The problem for teachers is that, having taken these benefits, they’re stuck with the consequences. They’re stuck with the fact that, because of tenure, too many incompetent teachers occupying America’s classrooms, bringing the whole profession into disrepute. And they’re stuck with the fact that the unions have stuck their collective bargaining noses in the curriculum, teaching information and values that offend their taxpayer employers. And they’re stuck with the fact that ordinary taxpayers (and teachers are taxpayers too, but their numbers are small compared to the rest of America’s taxpayers), think that it’s obscene for someone to get paid twice their own salary, with much better benefits, for seven months work.

Our non-council winner, our old friend Zombie over at Pajamas Media scored with Death Channels. It’s an amazing piece about – well, life and death and the attitudes we and others have towards it, to describe it briefly and in the most broad terms. As the old Michelin Travel Guides used to say, well worth the detour.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!