Schooled in Wisconsin!

By: AJ

This video explains why public sector (government) workers are different from private sector (non-government) workers and private sector (non-government worker) unions.

It also provides the shocking literacy rates in Wisconsin public schools despite the massive increase in education spending (that massive increase equates to increased wages and benefits for the government workers).

And don’t miss the stats on how many children of government workers attend private school instead of the public government schools.

In addition to the information in the above video, here are few more things to think about/to be clarified since most of the media outlets are misrepresenting the issue and many Americans are not getting the truth:

Public Sector = Government Workers.

Government Workers are paid with taxpayer dollars.

Elected politicians control the size and scope of government; the bigger they grow government, the more it costs the taxpayers to provide their salaries, benefits, buildings, energy costs, material costs, etc.

The more that taxpayers have to pay to support a growing government, the less that taxpayers have to support their own families, to start or grow their own businesses and to create non-government (private sector) jobs for the people of America.

Limiting Collective Bargaining as it applies to state government workers (not private non-government unions and not private non-government workers):

Progressive President FDR would not allow collective bargaining rights for government (public sector) workers because the government is a monopoly. In other words, the government has no competition and is the sole provider of specific services to the public. Therefore, government cannot be allowed to hold the taxpayer hostage for limitless control over the services the government is responsible for providing to Americans – for which the taxpayers are paying the government to provide to them.

Government doesn’t make anything and doesn’t compete with anyone. Their sole support is derived by taking money (taxes) from people and businesses in the private (non-government) sector.


1. Give parents school choice.

2. Reform tenure (I imagine this is so that the state doesn’t have to keep giving taxpayer dollars – as they do today – to government employees who, for example, abused children, yet who are still required to be paid because tenure prevents them from being fired).

3. Allow good teachers to get merit pay raises. Currently, union bosses do not allow this; they structure pay raises based on seniority only.

4. Give union workers the freedom to pay their dues to their union bosses instead of forcing the state to automatically deduct those dues from government workers’ paychecks.

So when you hear protesters say it’s the “middle-class” or “American workers,” know that what it really is, is government workers whose jobs exist through payment by taxpayers. They work for us; we pay their salaries and everything else they (union bosses) dictate and demand that they need and are “entitled” to have. They are fully financed through our labor, our hard work… through the money we earn and the government takes from us via taxes.

Know that 70% to 80% of jobs in America are in the private (non-government) sector and the taxes paid by the 70% to 80% of working Americans (mostly middle-class) are taken to pay for the big government we currently have.

The more union bosses demand, the higher the cost of government and the more they need to take from taxpayers. Governor Walker is trying to end their ability to hold taxpayers hostage to the unsustainable and unreasonable demands of the union bosses. The only way to do that is to limit collective bargaining.

Why are union bosses so afraid of giving their members the freedom to pay their dues directly to the union bosses? If these union bosses are truly looking out for their government-union workers, all their members will pay those dues. So why do union bosses fear giving their workers this freedom of choice to pay dues themselves?

Protesters (many of whom are paid to be there and are bused in with funding from the DNC, Obama’s OFA group and other Soros-supported socialist, communist and Marxist groups; at least, that’s what their protest signs say and what Obama’s OFA website says) want to maintain the union bosses ability to deny government workers the choice to pay or not pay their union dues (i.e. keep them enslaved), deny parents school choice, keep everyone on the dole no matter how incompetent or horrible they are or what crimes they may have committed, and make sure that good teachers are NOT rewarded for their good work.

Protesters claim they have rights, but when you listen to them and hear what they’re saying, they delineate rights that no one else has. They want to maintain their ‘right’ to job security. Does your private employer give you the right to job security – no matter how poorly or well you do your job? They want to maintain their right to the salary and benefits the union bosses dictate. Are you able to dictate to your private employer what salary and benefits you are to receive?

Listen to these protesters and ask yourself if you have what they have, and what would your boss say if you told her/him that you have a right to these things (even though any reasonable person knows that there are hundreds of applicants that your employer can choose from to do your job).

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