So, What is the Going Price for a Soul Nowadays?

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: T F Stern

A quote from Jim Chmelki that will resonate in history for Idaho:

“We stand on the threshold of history, when it’s time to stand up to the federal government,” said Jim Chmelik, a commissioner in north-central Idaho’s Idaho County.

And in the words of T F Stern:

The RINOs among us have sold their souls to the devil.

These are men who really get it and comprehend what is at stake.

Idaho Republican Senators stood on the precipice of greatness and jumped to their treacherous political deaths last week when they cast the deciding votes AGAINST nullification in the state of Idaho, a state I love dearly, but I now seriously worry for it’s future. Indeed, the RINOs have sold their souls to the progressive devil in Washington DC. Do you really think the good and brave people of Idaho will forget this? That their memory and allegiances are as limited as yours? That is a politically fatal mistake.

The healthcare nullification bill passed overwhelming in the House by a vote of 49 to 20 showing strong allegiance with the Idaho Tea Party and conservatives in the state of Idaho. However, the state Senate vote was an entirely different story. Five Republicans and two Democrats voted against it, defeating the bill and ensuring fiscal death in the state of Idaho.

RINOs called the nullification bill unconstitutional. Wait, what? Nullifying an unconstitutional law is unconstitutional? There is nothing more constitutional than giving political power and the representation of voters to the states. Perhaps these RINOs should brush up on the Constitution and law before opening their collective mouths and inserting their cowardly feet.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t support the Tea Party with your heart and then claim that your mind says you have to vote against them as senators Davis and Hill proceeded to do. That my friends, is the very definition of hypocrisy and turncoat. Nullification was the 18th century doctrine espoused by Thomas Jefferson in his arguments for state sovereignty. In his day, this outcome would have been received much more violently – the term ‘Tar and Feather’ comes to mind.

Vociferously branded as cowards after the vote, these five Republicans were quick to whine that they did what they thought they had to do. Senators, who got to you? Do you fear our overlords in DC that much? What price does a soul go for nowadays? Or was it a combination of fear, threats and payoffs that got you to kneel before your king? I hope your 30 pieces of silver are adequate to let you sleep at night after betraying your neighbors and constituents. More from the Idaho Stateman:

During three hours of testimony Friday in Boise, proponents invoked the names of Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, but also Karl Marx and Lenin, in urging lawmakers to get behind the bill. Health care reform was a giant step into socialism, they argued, and this would help stop it.

Now it will be left to the other states and the Supreme Court to stop this monstrosity. Voters in Idaho will have to clean house next election and remove the progressive disease that infects both sides of the aisle in our state.

Our founding fathers fully intended for the power to reside with the states, not the US government as so many so-called scholars intone. To state otherwise is nothing more than Marxist pablum. Behold patriots and traitors of the Constitution:

Of the Senate State Affairs Committee’s nine members, only Chuck Winder, of Boise, and Russ Fulcher, of Meridian, supported the bill. Republicans Hill, Davis and Lodge, along with John McGee of Caldwell and Curt McKenzie of Nampa; and Democrats Edgar Malepeai of Pocatello and Michelle Stennett of Ketchum, opposed it.

So at what point does the state legislature finally stand up on its hind legs and say ‘enough!’ Will it be when a shiny new federal law makes it ‘legal’ for an alphabet agency to randomly search the homes of citizens without warrant or indictment in violation of the 4th amendment? Or will it be when a sweeping ‘state of emergency declaration’ opens the door to martial law, travel restrictions and gun confiscation? Or do we stand stroking our beards and assert ‘the system’ will somehow figure it out? I think not. The people have had enough and our fight has just begun.

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