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There’s no excuse for your current failures. 62% of the American people oppose Obamacare. You assured all of us that you would defund it. $105 billion was embedded and appropriated within the bill. You refuse to put a stop to the spending of this $105 billion.


Americans of all political persuasions are screaming “STOP SPENDING!” and yet you refuse to make meaningful and significant cuts to President Obama’s reckless and destructive plans. It was wrong when President Bush did it and it’s wrong now. We can’t change what Bush did in the past, but we can change what Obama is doing. That’s what we sent all of you to Washington to do

Tell the American people the truth. The Government will be shut down by the Democrats if they (Harry Reid and his useful idiots) do not pass legislation which defunds Obamacare and makes significant and meaningful budget cuts. Then create the legislation and get it passed in the House.

Tell the American people the truth… if Democrats cause the Government to shut down, essential operations will continue. Social security and welfare checks will still flow, etc.

This isn’t a game and we’re not going to take it anymore. We’ve shown incredible respect and patience, but our patience has run out and it’s time for you to get serious. Your political deal-making and coercion must stop. You are failing to do the job We The People sent you to do.


The GAO report showed $100 to $200 billion in redundant government organizations. End that waste immediately!

It’s not about determining which agencies should be cut, it’s about eliminating all redundant agencies as well as those that are outside the scope of what the Federal Government is constitutionally mandated to do. The only question to be answered is which agencies are to be kept; all the rest are unconstitutional and must be eliminated.

If you’re unable to understand this and move forward on it, then you are unfit to serve.


We’ve given you $305 billion that you can cut from President Obama’s reckless spending right now – today… plus more through elimination of the unconstitutional government agencies currently in operation.

While many keep saying we need to cut Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, the people are saying, “Cut the wasteful and unlawful government spending first!”

We took time away from our families to ensure that Democrats didn’t win a majority in the House and within states. Why? Because we saw the kind of radical un-American “Change” they offered, we don’t want it and Republicans campaigned on – and we elected you to – halt what they’ve done, STOP SPENDING and STOP OBAMACARE. Your amateurish cow-towing to the Democrats is despicable. You’re allowing them to control the narrative and continue as though the 2010 election never happened.

Republicans will pay dearly in the 2012 primaries if you do not change course immediately.

Either you are incompetent or your perception is severely skewed. Either way, you are unfit to serve the people of this great nation if you continue down your current path. There is no compromise when it comes to doing what’s right for America. There is only ‘Doing what’s right for America.’ Step aside if you’re unwilling or unable to do this. Based on what you’ve demonstrated thus far, it’s time for you to GET OUT! Otherwise, you had better WAKE UP! We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!!

Individuals, families and businesses know that spending more than you take in will increase debt. And the only way to pay down debt is to spend less than you take in. Only the idiots in our government believe you can ‘redefine’ mathematics and somehow get away with your corrupt behavior. We’re here to tell you, “Not anymore!”

Here are more cuts which total $1.65 Trillion. If we, the people, can find a total of $1.955 Trillion to cut, so can you. If you won’t, then it’s time for you to WAKE UP right now, do your job OR GET OUT!


There is no rational explanation for spending taxpayer dollars to send American jobs overseas, to support Communist and Socialist anti-American regimes, to fund abortions and healthcare overseas, etc. Eliminate all of it now. We can’t afford it and it’s outside the scope of the limited powers of the Federal Government.


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a FY2011 budget of $43.6 billion.


Government employees, organizations and programs are paid with taxpayer dollars. The more politicians grow government, the more they must take from American citizens and businesses.


These are just a few of President Obama’s NLC spending priorities for FY2011.

$23.58 billion as follows from the “President’s 2011 Budget includes NLC priorities”:

  • $10.00 billion – EPA; they’ve failed for decades to do the 1 task assigned… US Energy Independence.
  • $1.18 billion – Workforce Development (i.e. special interest slush fund).
  • $3.50 billion – Education increase in discretionary funding (i.e. slush fund).
  • $4.00 billion – Community Development Block Grant (i.e. slush fund).
  • $4.90 billion – HUD budget increase for 2011 (i.e. growth of an incompetent government organization).



A few additional spending items planned for FY2011 while our healthcare premiums rise, SEIU halts coverage for over 30,000 children of low-income families, AARP says Obamacare is too expense for them and more than 1,000 Unions and companies that supported Obamacare have now been given waivers because they say they can’t afford it.


Between MIT’s research which proves the global-alarmists’ “science” is false, the ClimateGate scandal revealing the lies and the recent admission by the UN that it’s all about wealth redistribution, this spending has to go!


Although our government continues to increase spending, the quality of education for our children continues to decline. ENOUGH!


Stop Spending Our Future – The Crisis


  1. Excellent! Left a voice mail with Boehner prior to the vote urging him to NOT vote for this CR as it did not contain language to defund Obamacare. What is this guys problem?? Guess he thinks it’s just business as usual. Oh, and stop crying at press conferences, man up and lead. Better yet, just resign your position and let someone else stand up to BO and Marxist regime.

  2. Boehner is sure starting to sound like a RHINO!! BOEHNER WAKE THE HELL UP OR WE WILL THROW YOU OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!He represents the half of Republicans who are part and parcil allowing the DEMOCRATS to continue the distruction of our nation.

  3. I agree with you guys, John, Hardrock & Arlen. Even though Boehner & Cantor might claim that what they’re doing is part of a larger strategy that’ll get things where they need to be in the end, I see it as a losing strategy because soon the debt ceiling will be hit.

    Here’s what will happen if they put forth $1.95 Trillion in cuts (as delineated in this article)…

    The House will pass it & Repubs look good because they’re doing what they were elected to do.

    The Senate won’t pass it (Dem controlled Senate). The Dems look bad because they’re not doing what the people want (i.e. stop spending).

    Pressure on the Senate will become too intense and they’ll have to reconsider and pass the cuts. That pressure will then be transferred to Obama to sign vs veto the bill. He’ll have no choice because the House will be able to vote NO on increasing the debt ceiling – and Obama will know that.

    The result of these deep cuts will mean that government is spending less than they take in from all of us. The leaves excess tax revenue to go toward paying down the debt – which then causes the debt ceiling NOT to be reached.

    That’s the winning strategy they need to employ – and it’s the only strategy that’s left. This would show strength and leadership and that’s what American voters want.

    What they’re doing now, however, makes raising the debt ceiling inevitable. And it shows how weak the Repubs are – and how unwilling they are to do the right thing for America.

    Just my thoughts on the matter… 🙂

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