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Socialism: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done. — Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What’s it like living in a Communist community in America? According to the leader of the Communist community shown in this video, if there’s somebody who consistently doesn’t pull their weight, “YOU’RE OUTTA HERE.”

Where will you go if you can’t consistently pull your weight when the wealthy fat-cat Union Bosses, President Obama’s minions, Frances Fox Piven, Van Jones, the Soros-funded Socialist/Communist organizations, etc. get their wish and transform America from a Republic into a Socialist state?

Those on welfare better pay attention. Their way of life will be transformed. No more checks, food stamps and debit cards. They’ll have to work hard and pull their weight. Make no mistake – it’ll be the very same people they keep voting for who will seal their fate and bind their ankles with the shackles of slavery.

Even mind-numbed Socialist followers need to ask what will happen to the disabled and elderly when America is transformed. And won’t these mind-numbed Socialists grow old in the future and someday be unable to pull their weight? Of course!

If America falls to Socialism, there will be no freedom and there will be nowhere else for people to go.

Liberals need to start asking what this country will look like when the Marxist’s they support have achieved their goal and destroyed the free market system. Those of us who have done our homework and researched original history know the answers.

That’s why we stand for limited and Constitutional government, fiscal sanity and the protection of Americans from all enemies – foreign and domestic.

87% of the American people prefer our free-market economy. According to a Rasmussen poll published on March 15, 2011, only 11% say Communism is better. As stated by Rasmussen:

“Communism as an ideological force largely died with the collapse of the Soviet Union 20 years ago, but even with many of its horrors increasingly forgotten, U.S. voters overwhelmingly reject the ideology that contended for world dominance for much of the 20th Century.”

Although 11% is a relatively small percentage, one can’t help but realize that they’ve bought into the lies of the liberal elites. How do those among the 11% explain that the liberal Marxist’s who have hijacked the Democratic Party are among the wealthiest Americans and yet they refuse to spread their wealth around?

What about the Liberal Hollywood elite? They possess vast wealth and yet they don’t redistribute it, they won’t give up their mansions and they certainly aren’t inviting illegal immigrants to come and live in their mansions. And let’s not forget the tremendously wealthy Communist elites in New York; they too refuse to spread their wealth around.

The hypocrisy of the wealthy liberal elites is lost on the mind-numbed youth and uneducated adults who come out to protest for them and serve as their useful idiots.

When it comes to the middle class, even fewer support communism. The Rasmussen poll states that “80% of voters say the U.S. system of politics and economics is better for middle class workers than communism is. Ten percent (10%) say communism is a better option, and another 10% are undecided.” Let’s enlighten the undecided. Rasmussen states:

Communism calls for the elimination of all private property with everything owned in common, and voters even more emphatically reject it as an economic theory. Eighty-seven percent (87%) say, in practical terms, free market economies work better than communist economies. Only four percent (4%) say communist economies work better.”

One of the most important things we can do right now is share this information with our college and high school children in hopes of educating them so that they won’t become useful idiots for the wealthy liberal elites who want to enslave Americans, change our way of life and exert their power and control over us. After all… that’s what Marxism is all about; instituting Communism through Socialism, controlling the masses and exterminating the “racial trash.”

The next time you hear someone say that America is a Democracy, please correct them. America is a Republic.


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