Baisez Sarkozy

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By: Radical Ron

About the same height as Vlad Paranoid – with an ego to match – the little fellow leading Fwance has gone from being rather respectable to becoming a parody of himself.

Sarkozy opposes Nato taking control of Libya operation

Dissent from Germany, Turkey and Norway leaves question marks over command structure

The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, has opposed handing over control of the military operation in Libya to Nato, saying the move would send the wrong message to Arab nations.

At a meeting of the North Atlantic Council, Nato’s decision-making committee on Monday, the French representative reportedly stormed out after being accused of hindering Nato’s involvement in the campaign. France had flatly refused to agree to the proposal, which was later agreed by a majority of member countries.

My, my, my, shouldn’t we be more observant of Fwench sensitivities?

Read it all – this is priceless…

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