By: Fern Sidman

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, founder and president of Hineni, the internationally renowned Torah outreach organization made a special appearance on the hit television talk show, “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem” on March 29th at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas. TNL is the first ever Jerusalem based, English language television show to broadcast internationally. Hosted by recognized TV and radio personalities Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, TNL highlights the widespread support for Israel that can be found throughout the US. Dallas is just one of the cities that the program is broadcast from during their 2011 US tour.

Inspiring her audience of over 2000 people with the timeless and eternal wisdom of the Torah, Rebbetzin Jungreis spoke of the plethora of arduous challenges faced by Jews and Israel in our contemporary world and said that we are living in the age of the “footsteps of (messiah) Moshiach.” She exhorted those in the theater and the tens of thousands viewing the broadcast around the world to “take heed of the wakeup calls that G-d is sending us and to embrace a Torah life.” Speaking of the rapidly escalating campaign aimed at the delegitimization and isolation of Israel in the global community and the proliferation of anti-Semitism under the guise of anti-Zionism declared, “not through might and not through force will we prevail over our avowed enemies, but only through increasing our attachment to G-d through the power of prayer, through remaining vigilant about our Torah study, of creating genuine unity amongst Jews and displaying constant kindness and compassion to our brethren.”

Drawing parallels to the plagues that were brought upon Egypt by G-d while the Jewish nation was enslaved thousands of years ago, the Rebbetzin said, “Before the time of our redemption, the prophecies of the Torah reveal that we will experience remarkably similar events to that which we witnessed in Egypt. Just look at what is happening in our world today. We hear of dead fish being washed up on the shore, flocks of birds dying for no apparent reason, we hear of the scourge of bedbug infestations even in the finest of locations. We need only turn to the news to hear of repeated reports massive earthquakes, devastating tsunamis, paralyzing volcanoes, disastrous hurricanes and other such phenomenon. We never heard of such things occurring at such blinding speed at any other time period in history, and we must ask ourselves why.”

With great emotion, the Rebbetzin spoke at length about the recent heinous murder of the Fogel family in the settlement of Itamar, the bus bombing in Jerusalem and the incessant rocket attacks on Israeli cities from Hamas in Gaza and said, “As Jews, we are one family; one body and one soul and we must reach out with sincere love to our brethren in Israel whose lives are in constant danger. It is incumbent upon us to declare to the world that our right to Eretz Yisroel (the land of Israel) is an eternal one as this land was bequeathed to us by G-d as an inheritance for all time. The deed to our land is the Torah itself and we mustn’t be afraid to hold it up for the entire world to see.”

Currently, Rebbetzin Jungreis is on a four day speaking tour in France, where she will be speaking at Beis Chaya Mushka in Paris, the grand theater of Neuilly, and the theater in Lyon. She will be addressing thousands at each location, speaking of realities that the European Jewish community is confronted with. She will also be imparting the message that “each Jew has their own unique and individual mission on this earth and we must search within ourselves to discover what that mission is, and to serve G-d with complete faith and trust.”

On Passover, Rebbetzin Jungreis is scheduled to speak at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Palm Springs, California, sponsored by KMR Tours. Each day of the Passover holiday, the Rebbetzin will be delivering Torah classes and will be taking part in forums on issues pertaining to Israel’s future and the survival of the Jewish people.

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