The Federal Reserve Must Implement QE3

From: National Inflation Association

Gold prices surged today to a new all time high of $1,463.70 per ounce, while silver prices soared to a new 31-year high of $39.785 per ounce. Silver is now up 129% since NIA declared silver the best investment for the next decade on December 11th, 2009, at $17.40 per ounce. The gold/silver ratio is now down to 37, compared to a gold/silver ratio of 66 when NIA declared silver the best investment for the next decade. This means that not only is silver up 129% in terms of dollars since December 11th, 2009, but silver has also increased in purchasing power by 1.78X in terms of gold.

Gold is the world’s most stable asset and the best gauge of inflation. This brand new breakout in the price of gold leads us to believe that the Federal Reserve is getting ready to unleash QE3 at the end of June. The Fed will surely not call it QE3, but NIA can pretty much guarantee that the Fed will continue on with their purchases of U.S. treasuries. If the Fed pauses after QE2, it will mean that treasury bond yields will need to surge to a level where they attract enough private sector and foreign central bank buyers in order to not only support the funding of our rapidly rising budget deficits, but to support the redemption of maturing treasury securities.

In the month of March, the U.S. government spent more than eight times its monthly tax receipts, when you include the money spent for maturing U.S. treasuries. The U.S. treasury netted $128.18 billion in tax receipts during the month of March, but paid out a total of $1.05 trillion, which included $49.8 billion in Social Security benefits, $47.4 billion in Medicare benefits, $22.58 billion in Medicaid benefits, and $37.9 billion in defense spending. However, by far, the U.S. paid out the most for maturing U.S. treasuries, which equaled $705.3 billion.

In order for the U.S. government to stay afloat with only $128.18 billion in tax receipts, it had to spend $72.5 billion from its balance of cash, which ended the month at $118.1 billion, and sell $18 billion worth of TARP assets. But most importantly, the U.S. treasury had to sell $786.5 billion in new treasury bonds.

The U.S. government is the largest ponzi scheme in world history. We can only fund our government expenditures and pay off maturing debt plus interest, by issuing larger amounts of new debt. Americans are lucky that we have been blessed with record low interest rates for an unprecedented amount of time, but NIA believes that as we roll over U.S. treasuries in the future, we will have to refinance them at much higher interest rates. Our national debt is now so large that interest payments on our debt will become the government’s largest monthly expenditure.

If the Federal Reserve doesn’t implement QE3, NIA believes it will just about guarantee a bursting of the U.S. bond bubble in the second half of 2011. If the Fed stops buying U.S. treasuries, there is a chance that we won’t find foreign buyers for our bonds no matter how high interest rates rise. The world is waking up to the fact that the U.S. government is insolvent, and the benefits of propping up the U.S. dollar are no longer worth the expense to our foreign creditors. The U.S. government ponzi scheme will soon be exposed for the world to see.

Japan has been the most consistent buyer of U.S. treasuries. With Japan needing to raise $300 billion to rebuild parts of their country that were destroyed by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, we believe they will be forced to dump their U.S. treasuries, at a time when the U.S. desperately needs Japan to roll over their treasuries into larger amounts of new ones. Not only that, but with Arab revolutions taking place across major Saudi states and the U.S. beginning to occupy Libya for no reason at all, we will likely see Gulf states follow in Japan’s footsteps and stop purchasing/dump U.S. treasuries. Plus, China appears to be becoming more reluctant to continue buying U.S. treasuries, and is positioning the yuan to be the world’s new reserve currency. Without Japan, Saudi states, and China, there will be no buyers left for U.S. government bonds.

The fact is, with no QE3, we could literally see the 10-year bond yield double from 3.52% to north of 7%, overnight. Even then, it is unlikely to attract foreign buyers and we will likely be faced with failing bond auctions, which would cause a massive rush out of the U.S. dollar and trigger the currency crisis NIA has been predicting. NIA sees no other option for the Fed, but for it to continue on with its endless money printing and destructive inflationary policies.

Federal Reserve officials discussed last month in closed-door meetings the possibility that rising commodity prices could cause inflation. The fact is, rising commodity prices don’t cause inflation, they are a symptom of inflation. When the Fed leaves interest rates at 0% for over two years and prints $600 billion as part of QE2, that money printing and easy money is the inflation of our money supply, and rising prices are the result.

The Fed is narrow-minded and continues to focus on the CPI, which only grew last month by 2.11% year-over-year. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says he expects rising commodity prices to create a “transitory” boost in U.S. inflation. Meaning, when the CPI rises even higher in the upcoming months, Bernanke will likely place the blame on what he considers to be temporarily high oil and soft commodity prices.

The CEO of Wal-Mart is now saying that U.S. inflation is “going to be very serious” and that Wal-Mart is already seeing “cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate.” He predicts that because of huge increases in raw material costs, along with soaring labor costs in China, and skyrocketing fuel costs around the world, retail prices will start increasing at Wal-Mart and all of their competitors in June, especially for clothing and food.

When asked about the predictions of Wal-Mart’s CEO, Bernanke said that he expects price pressures to remain largely stable, but then added, “Wal-Mart has more data than the government does.” Bernanke was also quoted as saying, “We have to monitor inflation and inflation expectations extremely closely because if my assumptions prove not to be correct, then we would certainly have to respond to that and ensure that we maintain price stability.”

The European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to raise interest rates tomorrow for the first time since 2008. Many people are now speculating that the Federal Reserve will begin raising the Federal Funds Rate at the end of 2011. NIA is receiving many new ‘NIAnswers’ and email questions on a daily basis, asking us what will happen to gold and silver prices if the Federal Reserve were to raise interest rates.

In our opinion, the Federal Reserve raising the Fed Funds Rate would actually be very bullish for gold and silver prices, because it will serve as an admission that even the Fed believes inflation is becoming a major problem and beginning to spiral out of control. Historically, the best performing time period for precious metals has been when the Fed begins to raise artificially low rates. Remember, when the Fed begins to raise rates, they will probably raise rates only 1/4 or possibly 1/2 of a percentage point at a time. Interest rates of 1% or 2%, although higher than 0%, are still artificially low and will do nothing to curtail inflation. NIA believes the real rate of U.S. price inflation is now 6% and we will need to see the Fed Funds Rate rise to a level that is higher than the real rate of price inflation, if the Fed wants to have any hope of preventing hyperinflation.

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at: http://inflation.us


Iraqi Communists Generating Unrest to Ensure American Forces Quit Country

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

U.S. forces may win the war in Iraq, only to lose the peace to the country’s communist party.

The Iraqi Communist Party is busily stirring up trouble, to both ensure that American forces leave the country and to position themselves in order to best exploit the resulting power vacuum.

From the Communist Party USA‘s Peoples World:

Eight years after the U.S. invaded Iraq, the Iraqi people are waging a grassroots fight for democracy and an economy that works for them.

For the sixth week in a row, Iraqis demonstrated last Friday in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square and around the country, demanding jobs, public services, worker rights, civil rights and liberties, and an end to corruption. It is an unprecedented development for Iraq.

Since February 25, thousands have marched and rallied in nearly every one of Iraq’s 18 provinces.

According to the General Federation of Iraqi Workers, they have come out “to protest the failure of the Iraqi state to listen to the Iraqis’ demands.”

The protests have led to the resignations of two provincial governors, the mayor of Baghdad and other officials.

A newly emerging nationwide Democratic Current is at the heart of this movement. Leaders say it is an expression of wide sectors of grassroots Iraqi society, including people who are not members of any organized group.

Local committees are being formed around the country, and preparations are under way for a national conference to be held in the next month or two, to lay the basis for “a sustainable organization.”

Raid Fahmi – Communist Party leader and Iraqi Minister of Science & Technology

The Iraqi Communist Party is one of the key organizers of this movement… Raid Fahmi, a member of the ICP’s leadership, said this “very diverse” mass movement opens a “very promising prospect” for his country.

At the local level, Fahmi noted, neighborhood “popular control” committees are being set up to monitor public services, investigate problems, meet with the authorities to get action, and supervise their actions.

“We believe these committees will have a very direct impact on the provision of services,” he said.

This movement is also key to ending the U.S. occupation, Fahmi said.

A few weeks ago the government tried to evict the Communist Party and another party active in the protests from their Baghdad offices. The… effort backfired, generating considerable media coverage and popular support for the ICP. The government backed off, and the parties are expected to keep their offices.

Hints are being floated of keeping U.S. military forces in Iraq, at a string of U.S. bases around the country. Yet “very strong public opinion in Iraq will not accept foreign bases,” Fahmi said. Mass political pressure will be needed to ensure an end to the U.S. occupation, he said.


Benjamin Barber – Gadaffi Shill Works With Obama Founded “Think Tank”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Benjamin Barber

On February 22, 2011, self-proclaimed “internationally renowned political theorist” and Distinguished Fellow at the policy center Demos, Benjamin Barber, released a statement announcing his resignation from the governing board of the Gadaffi Foundation.

Barber announced his resignation from the Gadaffi International Charity and Development Foundation, headed by Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi’s son Saif al-Qaddafi, in protest at the “country-wide repression of protesters by the most barbaric means, and the public declaration of the Foundation’s honorary chairman, Saif Qadaffi, endorsing the repression and rationalizing the massacre of protesters.”

While Muammar Qadaffi’s brutal repression of rebel forces may have been too much for wee Benjamin to stomach, the “internationally renowned political theorist” had no problems taking Gadaffi’s money when the dictator’s habitual sadism was less well publicized.

Even while leaving his master’s employ, Barber still had kind words to say about his former idol.

Remember, Gadhafi is no Mubarak or Bashar al-Assad, a second or third generation bureaucratic heir to once revolutionary dictatorships. He is a founding revolutionary cut from the same cloth as Nasser and Castro, and his revolutionary rhetoric, if seemingly incoherent and irrelevant to the modern world, is authentic, rooted in the (mostly) vanished world of colonialism, imperialism, socialism and people’s democracy.

Barber worked with and for the Gadaffi clan for several years.

Benjamin sits enthralled while Muammar reads from his wondrous “Green Book”

In a Washington Post article in August 2007, “Gaddafi’s Libya: An Ally for America?,” Barber wrote:

Written off not long ago as an implacable despot, Gaddafi is a complex and adaptive thinker as well as an efficient, if laid-back, autocrat. Unlike almost any other Arab ruler, he has exhibited an extraordinary capacity to rethink his country’s role in a changed and changing world.

I say this from experience. In several one-on-one conversations over the past year, Gaddafi repeatedly told me that Libya sought a genuine rapprochement with the United States …

In all my public and private conversations with Gaddafi, including a roundtable moderated by David Frost and televised by BBC in March during which Gaddafi responded to unrehearsed questions, Gaddafi acknowledged his history of enmity with the West and did not deny Libya’s erstwhile involvement in terrorism. But he spoke of a new chapter for Libya and backed it up with a commitment to societal change. He insisted that in the Libya that comes after him there would be no new Gaddafi but self-governance.

Barber was also among a small group of “democracy advocates and public intellectuals,” including Joseph Nye, Anthony Giddens, Francis Fukuyama and Robert Putnam, working under contract with the Monitor Group consulting firm to “interact with Col. Gaddafi on issues of democracy and civil society” and to help little Saif “implement democratic reforms and author a more representative constitution for Libya.”

In other words, Barber was Col. Gadaffi’s PR man – a paid “shill” for a proven terrorist and socialist dictator.

To be fair, Barber’s loyalty to Gadaffi probably went beyond money. As a socialist himself, no doubt Barber really did believe he was advancing the radical cause by easing Gadaffi’s relations with the U.S.

Benjamin Barber’s affiliation to Demos is significant because the New York based “think tank” is an official partner of the notorious Washington DC based Institute for Policy Studies.

Once described by security expert Brian Crozier as the “perfect intellectual front for Soviet activities which would be resisted if they were to originate openly from the KGB,” I.P.S. has been strongly opposed to military action against Gadaffi’s regime.

Demos, one of the nations premier leftist “think tanks,” has close ties to Democratic Socialists of America, and, until the organization morphed into a vast array of semi-disguised clones, ACORN.

Interestingly, Demos’ founding 1999-2000 Board of Trustees included an obscure Illinois State Senator named Barack Obama.

A few years later an equally obscure San Francisco communist radical named Van Jones would also join the Demos Board. Small world isn’t it?

Demos 2009 report “Flying blind,” page 3

Despite being so horribly disappointed by comrade Qadaffi, Benjamin Barber hasn’t given up on socialism.

Less than a month after pulling the plug on comrade Qadaffi, Barber spoke at Democratic Socialists of America’s Left Forum 2011, at Pace University New York, on a panel entitled: “The Future of American Liberalism?”

Barber’s co-panelists were D.S.A. leaders Stanley Aronowitz and Glenn Beck’s favorite “metamucil muncher” Frances Fox Piven.


The George Soros Attempt to Control the World’s Central Bank Kleptocracy Cartel – This Weekend

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

We humbly present worldwide economic terrorism coupled with global Marxofascist control.

But, why take it from me? This is how it works, from the financial oracle of the “progressive” movement:

Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security but [also] at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth.

Those to whom the system brings windfalls, beyond their deserts and even beyond their expectations or desires, become “profiteers,” who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflationism has impoverished, not less than of the proletariat. As the inflation proceeds and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.

Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.

In the latter stages of the war all the belligerent governments practiced, from necessity or incompetence, what a Bolshevist might have done from design. Even now, when the war is over, most of them continue out of weakness the same malpractices. But further, the governments of Europe, being many of them at this moment reckless in their methods as well as weak, seek to direct on to a class known as “profiteers” the popular indignation against the more obvious consequences of their vicious methods.

These “profiteers” are, broadly speaking, the entrepreneur class of capitalists, that is to say, the active and constructive element in the whole capitalist society, who in a period of rapidly rising prices cannot but get rich quick whether they wish it or desire it or not. If prices are continually rising, every trader who has purchased for stock or owns property and plant inevitably makes profits. By directing hatred against this class, therefore, the European governments are carrying a step further the fatal process which the subtle mind of Lenin had consciously conceived. The profiteers are a consequence and not a cause of rising prices. By combining a popular hatred of the class of entrepreneurs with the blow already given to social security by the violent and arbitrary disturbance of contract and of the established equilibrium of wealth which is the inevitable result of inflation, these governments are fast rendering impossible a continuance of the social and economic order….

– John Maynard Keynes, a man who himself, was a proponent of inflationary policy and as history shows, knew something about debauching and being debauched, from his book, The Economic Consequences of the Peace, 1919

What Keyenes noted a Communist of the Russian Revolution “might have done from design,” George Soros and the cartels and yes, conspiracies of which he is front man, do from design. And they are having their biggest engineering party this weekend.

The following is an update from a Sunday, April 3rd, article at Big Government.


George Soros’ New Plan for Global Financial Regulation

What would you think if George Soros were organizing his fellow anti-American, globalist, neo-Marxist “thought leaders,” in pursuit of globally governed banking and finance, in a second Bretton Woods conference?

Would you consider that their goals include dragging American influence and incomes down, while confiscating much of our personal finances and giving them to other nations (and yes, the age-old financier network behind them) in the name of “communitarianism?”

Would you find their goal is to replace the bad influences of the IMF and the World Bank, with a much worse, more powerfully controlling, post-American global apparatus?

What would you think, if that meeting were being held this April 8th through 11th?

Would you do a quick reference to what the Book of Revelation says about worldwide control over currency, beginning in Chapter 13? (Hint: look for key words “buy” and “sell” and “merchants” and “mark.”) Now, that is not to purport these are the very end of days. What must be considered is that the spiritual forces invested in the people invested in Soros are trying hard to preempt the completion of God’s plan of a big, full world’s hearing the truth, however tremulous it may also become, then. Meanwhile, it is the duty of the righteous to oppose unrighteousness, even as necessary, by warfare against their warfare.

I got an email, a few days ago; it was Tuesday the 22nd. It was from George Soros. To hear as straight from the dragon’s mouth as feasible, I had subscribed. In this emailed article, he lamented the inequities of wealth among the nation-states of Europe, under the strains of their continuing insolvency crisis. He warned of the dangers of national interest. Rather, he proposed, not surprisingly, a further blowing of the global insolvency bubble, so the more indebted European nations may get along owing, while their lending nations get along being owed — all the while, blending and worsening the financial and monetary crises and spreading this yeasty recipe further throughout the world, especially to America.

That was quite provocative.

Please be patient to let this article be a rather personal narrative and a kind of portal, and follow its links. Then, follow the links within the those articles. Perhaps, even one more layer. That will limit the redundancy involved and inform you as well as a book might, but in much less time. To begin, here are my observations upon receiving his email, “Oh. My. George. Soros on Europe’s Worsening Banking Crisis & the Most Evil Plan Yet.” Go ahead. Big Government will generously wait.

“’Most evil plan yet,’ was that an overstatement?” I wondered. No, knowing what one may see about Soros, it was not hyperbole and the statement was well with my soul. The next day, confirmation came from Dan Gainor of Business & Media Institute and Media Research Center, by his “Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy,” first published in Business & Media Institute and at Fox News.

If you read nothing else stemming from this introduction, do peruse that. There, Gainor puts this iniquitous plan into context and elucidates. Nope, not going to excerpt, nor even quote. Just read it if you have not by now, please.

It was my privilege to interview Dan in the next Monday’s “Gulag Night,” for about a half-hour. That discussion may be found here.

Again, no reiterations offered, except that I will repeat that the documentation shows we were raped by European banks, in their own, deep insolvency trouble in 2008, using us at exactly the time it hurt us the most — during the Mortgage Meltdown’s peak, right before the general election. You know how that went. (It was also swept along as in the sport of curling, by peculiarly timed internal operations, including those of Soros comrades, Herb and Marion Sandler, and Senator Charles Schumer’s tongue. One must not distract further, by going on about the Community Reinvestment Act(s), Franklin Raines and Fannie Mae, the Pelosi Congress and their shoot-to-miss regulations, Goldman Sachs and friends, etc.)

That being our reminder of how they operate, what may we expect from our nation’s finances being thoroughly and systematically controlled by a megacartel of despotic foreign interests?

Should not members of the United States Congress be speaking up about this?

For further reading (updated)

Be sure to read each bullet point, then the remainder of Mr. Klein’s article:
Aaron Klein Digs into Jeffrey Sachs with Soros’ INET at Bretton Woods,” in Gulag Bound referring to WorldNetDaily, 5/5/2011

IMF & INET Streaming Together; NWO Insurrection by Amoeba Finance,” in Gulag Bound, 4/3/2011

12 Warning Signs of Hyperinflation,” National Inflation Association,” 3/26/2011

Soros Buying Heavily into American Grain Elevators,” a 13th warning relayed by Gulag Bound, 5/6/2011

Which Soros Event Will You Attend This Week? – Lefty billionaire funds conferences to ‘change the world,’ economy and media,” Dan Gainor in Business & Media Institute, 6/6/2011

Federal Reserve reveals trillions dished out to world banks to aid financial crisis… including $1.5trillion to British banks,” Mail Online, 12/2/2010

Federal Reserve lent to Gaddafi-owned bank,” in Russia Today, 4/1/2011, no fooling

Federal Reserve, the Enemy of America

Presented by colleague, Kelleigh Nelson:
Klaus Warns Euro Pact will Lead to Full Political Union,” in euobserver.com, 3/29/2011

See the observations of compatriot blogger, Maggie Thornton and the related articles she links at the bottom of her piece:
George Soros Bretton Woods II Conf: Changing Finance World-Wide — New World Order: God’s Gonna Cut You Down…

And keep coming back to this site.

Three caveats about this subject matter

1. Yes, this is anti-American and grossly evil. It is warfare against our People. America has been given us at great sacred cost, to preserve and pass along our freedom to our progeny. Just as our Constitution rests squarely upon our Declaration of Independence, our freedom rests upon our personal, intra-national, and national sovereignties. There is no exception to this rule, whether it is assailed by any seemingly altruistic ideas and ideals of global governance, or of global finance. And even the most generous offerings of internationalism require its antecedent, nationalism.

2. One must neither be taken with, nor be deterred by any coincidences of ethnic heritage, when studying banking, globalism, and collectivism. While antisemites will at times present lies and distortions as facts, facts by their nature, can not be prejudiced nor bigoted. Each individual is a free and ontologically equal, moral (and immoral) agent, all are sinners, all are offered redemption.

3. Come, let us be conspiracy investigators, regardless of the connotations and prior concoctions. I suggest you start, or start afresh, with the startling and paradigm shifting research led by a gentleman named Norman Dodd, an energetic but humble young banker from the prior century, who eventually found himself going to Washington and working for Congress. (Much of the records of the Reece Committee have been destroyed, hidden, or buried, but they are still preserved.) If you saw Glenn Beck’s TV program last Friday the 25th, about the Federal Reserve, you will recognize Mr. Dodd’s interviewer.

One reason there are so many wild claims in this subject matter is that not enough people of discipline and sound epistemology engage in it. But remember your Alinsky and do not be intimidated by ridicule. There is a vast, worldwide conspiracy shown a few inches from your nose right now and many near the core of it meet next week in New Hampshire.

Live free or die.

Follow those links.

And follow the money.


Head To Head: Shutdown, Or Compromise?

From: The Watcher’s Council

Welcome to this week’s Head To Head, where the issues of the day are hotly debated by some of the sharpest minds in the blogosphere.

This week’s Head to Head takes on the Big Question in DC-Land today… Which is a better course politically for conservatives – to allow a government shutdown if Democrats refuse to embrace massive spending cuts or to compromise for a lesser amount of cuts in order to keep the government running?”

Today’s match up pits the Council’s own The Noisy Room against Council alumnus Soccer Dad…and away we go!

The Noisy Room: “Cut it or shut it!” has become the rallying cry of the Tea Party and rightly so. As our US national debt creeps towards $14.5 trillion, with estimates ranging to over $76 trillion in unfunded liabilities, the visage of a painful remedy to our debt ailment looms over the American landscape. Shutting down the government will not be the end of the world, just a necessary inconvenience and essential services will be kept going according to Boehner. Time to sweep out the temple and close the golden doors until some small smidgen of fiscal sanity returns to Capitol Hill. It’s the fiscally responsible thing to do.

I believe the majority of Americans favor such a shutdown. Time to take away the government credit cards and look at our spending in the harsh light of day. It’s ridiculous for the Democrats to balk at cutting any debt – in fact Obama wants to ADD $26.3 trillion more to the debt. And the spending goes on and on and on… Why, it’s almost like the left wants to break the back of America financially. How very Cloward and Piven of them. No kiddies, someone has to have a spine and play the adult and say no to the greed, the entitlements, the ruse that says there is plenty of money, cheered by those who evidently can’t balance a checkbook. There is only so much money to pay so much debt, unless you keep printing, digitizing money and monetizing the debt. And we all know how well that worked for the Germans, right?

The Democrats are threatening extortion if they don’t get to continue on their merry, suicidal, spending spree. They won’t even tolerate a $60 billion dollar cut, which is ludricous. They say they will hold up ATF approvals of firearms and other tasty bits of threat du jour, as if that will sway the rednecks of America into blessing their progressive monetary agenda. Wrong. The majority of Americans have something that most politicians don’t recognize, because they don’t have it – a spine. We’ll deal and we’ll swallow the pain so our children won’t have to endure monetary suffering and enslavement to the elites. We took the pain in the early 1900s and came out stronger for it – we’ll take it today and clean our political house while it is closed to the progressives in our midst.

Paul Ryan is proposing $6 trillion in cuts over 10 years. That’s a good start. But much more will have to be done. Slash the debt, shutdown the government. Do not compromise with the left. You do not plug a breach in the hull of your ship with a pacifier. If you do, you still sink, you still drown. I say fight radicals with radical measures. Shut it down and bring it. This is our line in the sand.

Soccer Dad: Let me start by acknowledging that I am part of the problem not part of the solution. I am a federal employee. This also means that to argue for a shutdown is arguing against my own narrow interests.

However I think there is a very strong reason for Republicans to compromise and avoid a shutdown over the budget. The current budget battle is for the 2011 fiscal year. Democrats having abdicated their responsibility by not passing a budget in time for the current fiscal year, which started last October 1, when they still controlled both houses, are seeking a showdown over the current budget. Their hope is to put the Republicans on the defensive politically, and to avoid the hard choices the nations must make to get spending under control.

The previous shutdown in late 1995 was a political defeat for the Republicans. It made little difference that the Republicans were correct in principle, the Democrats and their media allies put the blame on the Republicans. It didn’t help, of course, that then Speaker Newt Gingrich sounded petulant rather than principled at the time.

I realize that with the previous shutdown, public employees were perceived in a more positive light than they are now, so perhaps a shutdown won’t hurt the Republicans as badly. But the bigger budget battle is for 2012. Representative Paul Ryan has proposed a budget that will start to rein in federal spending. It may not be perfect but it’s an excellent start to reverse the excesses of the past two years. For now the 2011 is a sideshow and as long a Republicans can get reduced spending they should take a compromise deal. The negative publicity of a government shutdown will make passage of of the “Path to Prosperity” that much more difficult.

The Noisy Room: As my esteemed colleague has correctly pointed out, Ryan’s proposed budget is an excellent “start.” But that is all it is and there is a strong argument for the cuts being even more severe and over a much shorter period than 10 years. I realize that it is true that the Democrats did not pass their budget and are trying with all their progressive might to lay this at the feet of Republicans, specifically the Tea Party. But we know the game is afoot. As Mike Pence so eloquently put it: “If the only alternative is continuing spending at unsustainable levels, then I say shut it down.”

This is not just a fiscal issue, although that in itself is life and death for America now. This is a moral issue that stretches across time and into the lives of our children and grandchildren. We do not want to hear the whispered repercussions from the future that for political expediency we compromised with the left and sold our collective souls for a few pieces of silver and comfort.

As we debate, Obama has laid the blame squarely on the Conservatives and then departed in an obvious display that he wants a government shutdown so he can claim the high ground. Our own CBO does not see a way for our economy to continue to exist on this path past 2037. Digest that for a moment – no more America – period… Ryan says if we keep the spending up our debt will reach 800% of GDP.

I say we don’t compromise. We do the right thing come hell or high taxes. We are playing for all the marbles kiddies and there is a Marxist bully rampaging the playground. J. McCauley had it right: “It is the season for the Perfect Storm, and it is starting to rain.” We either stand for what has made America great, take our lumps and do the right thing or we fall as a nation. If we don’t “cut it or shut it,” we will absolutely fall as a country, but we will have no way to ever recover. Compromise and wanting to win elections got us into this mess, principle and American backbone will get us out of it.

One last quote from Rush Limbaugh: “If there’s to be a future, if there is to be a United States as we’ve known it, we’ve gotta get this budget deficit under control. The two alternatives to do that are cut the level of spending or raise taxes to 88%. Take your pick.”

Soccer Dad: Even as a start, Ryan’s proposed budget is the only comprehensive alternative out there. The question remains, what’s the best way to get to Rep. Ryan’s plan? If it need adjusting in the future, so be it.

A government shutdown would weaken the Republicans politically. Ace doesn’t think so:

We can safely assume that almost everyone blaming one or the other is that side’s partisans. The numbers are about right, 39% blame the GOP, 36% blame Obama. 17% say both. That’s pretty much the D/R/I breakdown.

Now, going forward, I’d expect those numbers to change a bit as independents began taking sides but there’s no very good reason to think they’d break against us.

I disagree. Public opinion broke against the Republicans in 1995, and I expect it will do so again. The MSM will not report that it was the Democrats who failed to come up with a budget when they had full control of the legislative and executive branches. Not being fully informed independents will be swayed by media reports of Republican intransigence and never hear of Democratic bad faith.

Right now we have a path to get government under control, a government shutdown will almost certainly put a pothole in that path.

What say you, readers?