The Aliens Have Landed

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Hat Tip: Brian B.

A long time ago, we sat around and threw out the idea of what would be the perfect ’emergency’ our government could come up with to throw us into a one world government. The ideal distraction, a common enemy… Can’t do zombies, they are all in DC. Well, of course! Aliens!

Ask yourself why just recently the following have happened:

1. A whole rash of documented, on video, sightings around the world. More than usual and they are making the news daily.

2. Freedom of Information requests suddenly becoming available such as JFK asking for UFO information 10 days before his assassination.

3. Revealing of random UFO and alien facts from various organizations.

The Blaze has posted a video from Russia (you just know you can trust them – not) that has gone viral. It shows our good comrades, the Russkies, finding an alien body in the snow. Here’s the video:

If we are to believe this, I guess we should prepare for an invasion by alien midgets. I’m highly skeptical and smell an alien rat with commie overtones. While at The Blaze, read the comments. They are hysterical…

Live long and prosper… 8)

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  1. have you seen the video of ronald reagen’s speech to the un about an alien invasion? sorry i’m not putting the link in, i don’t know how. it’s on youtube.

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