West: We need strong women to raise American men!

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By: AmericanPatriotsPres

By: AmericanPatriotsPres

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I love this man! Would vote for him… Would follow him into battle and fight by his side… If he runs with Palin, Bachmann or Cain, I truly believe there would be no way to beat him. He’d wipe the floor with the progressives. The people love him that much. He’s smart, brave and moral – he is just what America needs. A warrior with a good and strong soul. A real man.

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  5. American women in particular and Western women in general are very much part of the problem. And American women are a disgrace. American society has turned poisonous for men and women are dancing in their pampered lives just as muslims dance on the streets when Americans die. Look up “misandry” around the net.

    What we need are American men to put women back in their place and educate strong American men back into our place and get our Republic out of the current suicidal path.

    Women, white knights and manginas are the problem and to pretend that we need women to solve it is like putting a pedophile in charge of a nursery. If you don’t know that a “white knight” and a “mangina” are, look it up.

    We live in a society so feminized that we are willing to risk our national security in order to appease women. They are given all kinds of special treatments so they can play soldier and show how tough they are and very soon we are probably going to start disarming our submarines in order to make space for women in them, panties being so much important than missiles in our current pussyfication.

    Boys are being morally and psychologically murdered since birth by a society whose motto is “boys are stupid, throw rocks at them” and are medicated into the extinction of their masculinity by a society run by women and their appeasers that considers maleness a disease.

    Yeah, we need women to rescue us. From the very problem they caused. Right.

    Wake up!

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  7. Jorge, what you’re describing are liberal women – aided and abetted by NOW and the ’60’s “feminist” movement designed to emotionally and intellectually castrate men.

    What West is talking about are women like his own wife, his mother, and the millions of conservative women who adore our men, support them, and raise our sons to be strong and not fall for that emasculating liberal crap. We want them to be the ones with the cojones.

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