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By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

My daughter, 23, brought home a friend of hers today. The girl seemed nice enough. She’s 25 and believes in blunt honesty. No problemo… She works at a call center during the day and has her own food delivery business at night. I do love young entrepreneurs.

But that was where the good times ended. Somehow the discussion turned to the disaster in Japan. I commented on how I really felt for them; that the poor Japanese were going to be devastated for some time.

My daughter’s friend then stated that she tended to agree with her mother’s opinion. And it is a whopper… Her mother feels that what happened to Japan is Mother Earth’s way of getting even with them for whaling. Imagine the look on my face. Imagine the thoughts that flitted across my mind. I told the girl that I did not agree with that assessment. But before I could shine sanity into the darkness that Mother Gaia had bestowed on this person and her mother, she had to leave with my daughter.

After she left, it occurred to me if that sentiment is that widespread, we are truly doomed. Then I remembered that her mother lives in Southern California with a preponderance of other flakes and nuts. My apologies to those who are actually sane that live there.

Mother Earth is no more responsible for Japan’s disasters than the moon is made of green cheese. I am truly and thoroughly sick of this green Marxofasicsm. My prayers are with Japan. I think Mother Earth can take care of herself.

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