Is Obama Stretching Out OBL Story For Political Points Like Liberal Pundits Shuster & Miller Suggest

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By: NakedEmperorNews1

Obama’s preening and arrogant strutting over this is disgusting. Tomorrow he goes to hallowed ground in NYC to capitalize on 3,000 deaths and take all the credit and glory for taking down Osama bin Laden. I give the credit to special forces (Navy SEALS and Army Rangers rock!) and the CIA on this one. Obama just loves to bask in the light of what he perceives as adoration. More like his own light of self-love and trust me this isn’t just a spring fling between O and himself. He went all the way long ago… These useful idiots fawning over their dear leader are just fuel for the Marxist machine. I guess they feel it is better to rule in Marxist Hell rather than serve in a free America. But justice is a funny thing and comes knocking on the doors of the elites in the dark night of their souls when they will least expect it I would wager.

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