U.S., China Further Strengthen Economic Ties

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Tim Geithner

From the Communist Party of China website.

The United States is building cooperative bilateral ties with China on a broad list of economic fronts, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said here (in Beijing) Tuesday.

China has scored remarkable economic achievements with a rise of confidence in the past decades, and is making headway in shifting its economic growth mode, Geithner said at a Tuesday meeting hosted by the U.S.-China Business Council.

The two nations should be “very direct with each other” in solving possible tensions in one of the most important bilateral ties in the world, he said prior to the coming U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

China and the United States will hold the third round of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue on May 9-10 in Washington.


Watcher’s Council Nominations – Ding, Dong Osama’s Dead Edition

From: The Watcher’s Council

(graphic cheerfully swiped from Doug Ross)

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This week’s contest is dedicated to Navy SEAL Team Six – The guys who actually pulled off the mission.

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Weekly Featured Profile – 05/04/11

By: Trevor Loudon

John Lumpkin is an Illinois health sector administrator who also serves on Google’s Health Advisory Council. In this capacity, Lumpkin helps Google “think about the ways we can contribute to the healthcare industry.”

Lumpkin has strong ties with the Communist Party USA that go way back to his childhood. The son of CPUSA leaders Frank and Bea Lumpkin, he was brought up in a leftist activist family.

In 1972, Lumpkin was CPUSA candidate for University of Illinois Trustee and in 1976, he was nominated as a candidate for the Illinois CPUSA as an elector for the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates of the Communist Party USA, Gus Hall and Jarvis Tyner.

In 1979, he ran for Alderman in Chicago’s 7th Ward. Leading members of the “Committee to elect John R. Lumpkin” included Harold Washington, Carol Moseley Braun, Timuel Black, Quentin Young and Communist Party USA members Roberta Wood, Scott Marshall, Joe Kransdorf and his father Frank Lumpkin. Then in 1982, Lumpkin returned the favor to his powerful Chicago ally Harold Washington, signing an open letter to the voters of Chicago endorsing the mayoral candidacy of Harold Washington. Today, as well as his duties at Google, Lumpkin serves as the senior vice president and director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Care Group. The group is a major donor to the Brookings Institution. (more…)