Seven Reasons Why Tax Increases Are the Wrong Approach

Hat Tip: Dave Perkins

By: CFPEcon101

This Economics 101 video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity gives seven reasons why the political elite are wrong to push for more taxes. If allowed to succeed, the hopelessly misguided pushing to raise taxes would only worsen our fiscal mess while harming the economy.

The seven reasons provided by the video against this approach are as follows:

1) Tax increases are not needed;
2) Tax increases encourage more spending;
3) Tax increases harm economic performance;
4) Tax increases foment social discord;
5) Tax increases almost never raise as much revenue as projected;
6) Tax increases encourage more loopholes; and,
7) Tax increases undermine competitiveness


Eva Longoria Says She Was ‘Brainstorming’ with President Obama at The White House

By: CNSNews

“Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria said today that she was “brainstorming” with President Barack Obama at the White House last week to “re-frame the immigration argument.” She also says “those who don’t support comprehensive immigration reform will hopefully pay for it in those [2012] elections.”

Get ready – Dream Act Part Deaux is on it’s way.


Islamists Hold “Save Us From Obama” Rally in Pakistan

By: itnnews

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VIOLENCE BREAKS OUT AS HUNDREDS OF ISLAMISTS Hold Mock Osama Funeral at US Embassy in London

THOUSANDS OF ISLAMISTS March Against US at Cairo Osama Rally

Islamists: Obama Is the Real Terrorist

Dead Man’s Audio Coming Soon

CIA Lived Next Door to Bin Laden FOR MONTHS Before Attack

British Religious Leader Rowan Williams Criticizes OBL Killing: The Different Versions of His Killing Don’t Seem to Help


Mexican-American Studies Problem in the Tucson Unified School District

By: ShortForOrdinary

It used to be known as La Raza Studies. Mexican-American Studies as it is taught in the Tucson Unified School District is not your average “Ethnics Study.” That’s what former Community Organizer Loretta Hunnicutt discovered. She started TU4SD.com to bring awareness to issues ta the district and recruit good School Board Candidates. Little did she know that as a Democrat who cares about kids she would be called to stand against fellow Democrats and against a program that TU4SD.com organizers believe indoctrinates students and intimidates critics. This 8 minute story only scratches the surface of what is going on in Tucson. It’s no wonder that families are fleeing the district. (at least the ones who can)

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