Kamal Saleem: A Muslim Cries Out to Jesus

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And so it begins… This is exactly what Beck predicted. Look for it to gear up over the Summer and by September the UN will ‘declare’ a Palestinian state. The Israelis will not stand for it and will be sanctioned by the UN. Their banks will be blocked and UN nations will be required to stop doing business with them. The UN will award at least half of Jerusalem if not the whole city to Palestine. If the Israelis will still not comply – R2P will be employed.

I then predict there will be an outcry from Christians in the US. Then the fun begins. Because there will be a good chance Hillary will then become unelectable just as Obama now is. The only option left is an emergency and a suspension of elections. It’s coming I fear. Urge your churches to speak up in defense of Israel and take a stand now. Time is short.

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