4 thoughts on “Allen West is our “George Washington”

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  4. i knew months and months ago-that allen west was our next george washington-since glenn beck always talks about a george washington out there somewhere-i sent him an email,to tell him that allen west ,is our next george washington.i have emailed allen west to tell him—if you run–you will win!-my better half and i talking 2012-says that he doesn’t think allen will run in 2012,he thinks he’ll wait until he’s served 4 yrs as a congressman.i honestly get alittle teared up-our country and way of life,our freedoms,are being lost at an alarming rate.i predict that he will soon realize that to save all of us and our country,and for future generations-he will have to run.i will do everything i can here in the state of pa. to help his campaign

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