Beware the Peacemaker

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I watched in horror Obama‘s speech yesterday where he literally threw Israel to the Middle Eastern wolves encircling her. Brazenly traitorous, smug and arrogant, the evil of this man is now fully on display. I say to you now, beware the peacemaker. In the name of peace, he will bring war, misery and death. In the name of an enforced peace planResponsibility to Protect (R2P), he will attempt to bring about the destruction of Israel – he will lead the ungodly armies of the Middle East to the borders of the holy land and Obama will be damned for doing so. And I mean what I say here.

Our President has betrayed our largest, closest and last real ally – Israel. He is calling for a return to the 1967 borders, which would be suicide for Israel. It would leave one strip of land only 8 miles wide with their airport absolutely vulnerable to attack. Israel’s enemies would literally be able to drive her into the sea as they have threatened for so long. Obama sided with the Palestinians, but Americans don’t and they don’t side with their President. We are sickened by his weakness and by his treachery.

Netanyahu and Israel will never willingly surrender their land and their holy sites to Islam. Nor should they… And Christians must stand with Israel now. If America as a whole turns on Israel, we will fall.

Obama’s so-called ‘Arab Spring’ that he so ardently embraces is leaving hundreds dead and total chaos throughout the Middle East. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth, working with Syria and yet rebuking them at the same time. He gives the impression to me that his protestations are token at best and quiet acquiescence in the extreme. He has rewarded the Syrians with their attacks on Israel. I honestly believe that Obama wants Israel destroyed and a new caliphate to form. He would then have a new global government ascend and help enslave our world in ways I cannot even fathom. He is already constantly shredding our Constitutional rights and prepping America for the ‘change’ to come.

Obama is accusing Netanyahu of not wanting peace. What a load of crap. I will say what I have said previously. What Glenn Beck and other bloggers have also said… Come September, the United Nations with the backing of America, will use R2P against Israel. First they will sanction them, tying up their banks and trade. If Israel does not cave at that point, they will use military might to force Israel to give up her lands. Israel will not fold and we will be plunged into a bloodbath. The radical Islamists will cheer and drool in anticipation of Jewish bloodshed. Nothing less than the annihilation of all the Jews will satisfy their evil bloodlust. They will believe that they will get to finish what Hitler began. Obama may not be the one to open the oven doors or to dig the mass graves, but his actions will be the motivating factor.

Americans, specifically Christians, at this point will be forced to choose between their country and Israel. I choose Israel – they are God’s chosen people. Our President does not speak for America and this must be stopped. The clock is ticking… Will we really let this devolve into nuclear warfare, the death of innocents and the end of freedom? Or will Americans stop the evil at their helm? I no longer believe we have until 2012.

Stand. Stand with Israel. Go to Glenn Beck’s ‘Honoring Courage’ in August if you can. If not, tune into it online or wherever he will be relaying it. You can find the details here and here.

Beware the peacemaker… He’s not just fiddling anymore while the Republic burns, he’s pouring gas on the fire and locking the exit doors. Evil is descending on the West – time to choose. First they came for the Jews…


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The Council Has Spoken!! 05/20/11

From: The Watcher’s Council

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week, carved eternally in the records of cyberspace of our inner sanctum.

This week’s winning article, Why we don’t revere our intellectuals by The Colossus of Rhody, took a far reaching look at exactly what intellectual has come to mean in our society and why many of us don’t revere them – and it has nothing to do with their intellectual capacity, but with something else entirely. Here’s a slice:

Insty had a brief blurb up linking to a Guardian (UK) article which asks “Why don’t we love our intellectuals?” In response, Insty also linked to articles by Christopher Hitchens and the inimitable James Taranto. The question is a good one; conventional wisdom, such that it is, posits that conservatives are the “anti-intellctual” crowd … you’ll see this conceit uttered frequently by folks like the usual suspects, and by those “big brains” in the mainstream media. As partial evidence, it’s conservatives who are frequently made fun of and derided. George W. Bush was a total buffoon — even though he had better college grades than Al Gore; Dan Quayle was a walking, talking gaffe machine — but our current veep actually makes Quayle look like a professional motivational speaker; Ronald Reagan was a “lovable dunce;” Sarah Palin is [insert demeaning comment],” etc. etc. etc.

Take Hitchens’ article next: He dissects the “intellectual” that is Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is sort of a radical leftist academic pop-culture icon (he got a nice gratuitous shout out in Matt Damon’s “Good Will Hunting,” for instance), who somehow has managed to evolve into this deeply heavy political and cultural thinker even though his area of expertise is … linguistics. He is greatly admired by a former big-time Delaware blogger many of you probably know, Dana Garrett. Let me state right up front that I love Dana to death — he’s an incredibly nice and personable fellow, who actually listens to conservative arguments and concedes good points when they’re made … a very rare trait for a progressive. (Notice that I did not put quotations around the word “progressive” this time like I normally do, for Dana is a true progressive.) Chomsky was one of the [many] items Dana and I argued about back in the day. It’s easy to understand why the noted linguist is endeared by progressives: the virtually constant tendency to side with the “underdog,” taking up the cause of the historically oppressed, fighting for minorities and the poor, etc. The problem is that Chomsky and his acolytes will overlook virtually every negative aspect about the causes they take up. Why? To be consistent? Because maintaining a contrarian view is of utmost importance? This leads to what historian Paul Johnson (noted in the Guardian article) stated about people like Chomsky — they are “moral cretins.”

Hitchens’ article dissects much of this aspect, and is pretty much in line with how I feel about him. In this case, ‘ol Noam chimed in on the death of Osama bin Laden where he questioned the al Qaeda leader’s actual responsibility for 9/11, said bin Laden was no worse than George W. Bush, and claimed that, by our commando raid on bin Laden’s compound, we thus “would justify a contingency whereby ‘Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic.’” Chomsky also complained that bin Laden’s killing was a “planned assassination,” and that he “should have been accorded all the rights of criminal suspects.”

It should come as little surprise, then, that bin Laden was apparently a fan of the MIT professor.

Our non-Council winner this week was Sultan Knish’s Allahu Akbar, an explanation of what that often heard term really means…and more importantly, how and when it’s used. An important read.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!


Dear Israel

Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques
By: Neo

From: Human Events

Dear Israel,

I’m an American, and I want you to know that I think the man occupying our White House is an idiot. Let me be very clear that I consider our two nations, Israel and the United States of America, as allies.

I apologize for the misguided and presumably darkly motivated remarks of Barack Obama, apparently intended to make it appear Americans stand against you and with the Palestinian terrorists….we do not. Based upon the people I know and communicate with, I believe the vast majority of Americans disagree with Obama.

Please be encouraged that we are moving as fast as we can, and sparing no expense or lack of effort to ensure American voters correct the mistake we made by allowing the Obama administration to be fraudulently foisted upon us by the liberal media, and their backers.

We have a lot to talk about once we’ve eliminated the immediate danger that threatens our own nation, and our important alliance with you, but for now, please don’t blame the American people for the ludicrous remarks of the idiot standing at the teleprompter.