One thought on “Left Pushes For New Tax on Driving; Debate (FNC) From This Morning

  1. Seriously?

    ANOTHER mileage tax?

    WTF do they think the current gasoline tax is? You buy gas for every mile you drive, and if you drive more miles, you buy more gas. You buy more gas, you pay more tax. Pretty simple. They are already taxing you by the mile.

    Ahh, HOWEVER . . .

    If you have followed the advice of the government and global warming stooges (is that redundant?) and bought a car that is more economical in terms of gasoline, why that would threaten their tax revenues, wouldn’t it? And what if people started driving electric cars? OMG! People wouldn’t be paying as much in fuel taxes, and since we’ve become accustomed to spending those tax dollars, we’ve got to dream up another way to harvest those bucks!

    You know what this reminds me of? All those programs that were funded by tobacco taxes. And remember how that would make it so they didn’t have to levy a new tax on everybody else? Hey, who’s gonna object? The smokers? Heh. We despise them already, and they’re not a sympathetic “victim” anyway. Sucks to be them. [Time passes . . .] What? Tobacco taxes are down? People are quitting smoking? OMG! What can we do? We’ve promised all this funding to all these programs from tobacco taxes — wait! — I’ve got it: we’ll levy a new tax, and we’ll justify it using the logic that we have to somehow make up for that lost revenue. After all, those programs are vital, VITAL, man.

    ~~ AG

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