Tucson SWAT Shoot Iraqi War Veteran Over 60 Times, Admit He Had Broken No Laws

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Evil Precedent – Indiana Invalidates Fourth Amendment

Supreme Court decides it is ok for cops to bust down your door if they hear a toilet flushing

2 thoughts on “Tucson SWAT Shoot Iraqi War Veteran Over 60 Times, Admit He Had Broken No Laws

  1. This is horrific! Yes, it’s what we’ll see a lot more of now that the Supreme Court ruled the police can bust down your door because the 4th amendment no longer exists.

    That crazy far-left zealot, Clarence Dupnik, just happens to be the Sheriff in Pima County. Wonder if he had a hand in orchestrating the horrific murder of this Marine… or the hour and 14 minutes it took for medical assistance to arrive. This is an OUTRAGE!

  2. This is what happens and will continue to happen if the people of this Nation don’t wake up and get better informed. It’s a disgrace to this country and what we have stood for. We have a Congress and a President who are responsible for this, not the swat team, they were told to do it by someone in a higher position. There is a division of races with people heating up, and this will increase because it is exactly what Obama wants. We are heading for a revolution and blood will be on many hands of those who didn’t do anything.
    I live in Arizona where the Mexican race might outnumber the white race right now, and there is a huge problem developing
    with illegal immigrations parading, saying we owe them, and they will take Arizona back because it belongs to Mexico. I find it appalling to allow such protesting from people who are not a citizen of the United States. Thank you Mr. Obama!
    In Maricopa County we have a Sheriff who is working so hard to do his job to protect the citizens from the destructive border, and he gets nothing but flack from the Federal Government and Obama. I personally would not want to be of Mexican decent right now, because they have become a target, and once again, thank you Mr. Obama.
    I fear this action in Tucson has opened the doors to riots in
    this state and probably the rest of the country. This action was done without thinking of the consequences that will follow. God Help Us All.

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