Andrew Breitbart Is “Mortified” After Opie and Anthony Snag & Post Weiner Shot

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Eric Shawn at FOX News reported:

Mr. Breitbart said he’s been holding it back and did not want to make it public. Breitbart broke this scandalous story as you know and he told me that Opie Hughes from the Opie and Anthony radio program secretly snapped a picture of the completely explicit photo while Breitbart was on their show and then Opie posted it on the internet. Breitbart told me he never wanted the photo to be released. That it was released without his permission. He said quote, “I’m mortified. This is the first time that someone surreptitiously grabbed a photo of it. This is a complete breach of our arrangement that the photo would not be made public. It was a complete violation of trust.”

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