Liberal Christian Group Says You Must Choose: Ayn Rand or…Jesus

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The left-leaning American Values Network (AVN) believes that Christian voters need to choose between either Ayn Rand or…Jesus. According to AVN:

Prominent GOP leaders have praised Rand’s philosophy and beliefs. But Rand made it clear that you can’t follow her and Christ. The GOP budget, authored by Rand acolyte Paul Ryan, is the perfect example.

This is despicable and an evil lie. Liberal Christians who are espousing this are risking their very souls and may find themselves in the end in a very warm environment.

Other than Rand’s atheism, she was right on the money. It is an absolute distortion and a subterfuge to say that if you believe in freedom and Constitutional rights as Rand did, that you must also embrace her atheism. Bull crap… And by the way, the collectivism you are pushing, is a child of Marx, who was himself an Atheist. So don’t make this about which of two atheisms we have to choose….

So, liberals, if you believe in collectivism as did Che, Mao, Lenin and other murdering despots, this means you believe in mass murder too? Hmmm… Maybe so on your side, but definitely not in the conservative sphere of influence. Conservatives believe in freedom – the freedom to believe or not believe in God. It is your choice. You can take your deceit and twists of evil logic and go ‘know’ yourselves in the biblical sense.

3 thoughts on “Liberal Christian Group Says You Must Choose: Ayn Rand or…Jesus

  1. It just goes to show that Satan has a hook and line for the right wing and the left wing. If we are too knee jerk loyal to either the left or the right wing, we can be led astray when human sin leads our particular political side astray.
    Yes, we need to vote. Yes, we should sort of have a political party. But our political party needs to take a back seat to Christ. He has to be the first loyalty. We need to be willing to change parties, or vote independant, or vote for a write-in candidate if our choosen party goes off the deep end, or if they don’t run an acceptable candidate.
    Ayn Rand is very evil. She is into atheism, pro-abortion, and total selfishness. For me, selfishness is a bad side of my personality, something I (and everyone around me) need to overcome. When I first heard her ideas, I was appalled. Worse yet, her promoters were so arrogant that they called themselves “Objectivists,” as if you couldn’t be “objectve” unless you agreed with them.
    Ayn Rand and her ideas make me want to puke.

  2. As for picking between Ayn Rand and Jesus, it’s a no-brainer for me. Jesus wins it hands down. I feel sorry for Ayn Rand as I’m sure she’s in hell. I have no desire to join her there.

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