One thought on “Huge Marine Drill Confirms Ground Invasion of Libya

  1. Gee. Headed to WWIII or just to the Arab Union similiar to the European Union? I think there is a ‘hand’ ginning things up.
    Like the North American Union [Canada/US Mex.] They changed the name to Security and Prosperity Partnership then a 3rd name to hide their activity. See the series of name changes for ACORN. There is an African Union, just weak so far. Plan is to have each union have a Central Bank/Fed Reserve type bank all under the BIS as the uber world bank. Segements in prep for One World Governemnt. Easier to control 6-8 unions than 192 countries. WND, Infowars and The New American mag all have a lot on this. Worth some reading to prepare yourself and your finances.

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