A steady whiff of B.O. emanating from the White House

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Claudia at I Own the World discovered this gem. I’ll excerpt it here, but you really must, MUST, go over and read the entire article. It is, as they say, a piece of work. A gem.

America has gotten a steady whiff of B.O. emanating from the White House and its environs for two and a half years now, and even those notoriously asnomic leftists closest to our foundering President are holding their noses.

Obama’s devoted followers, mainly the leftist simpletons in the press claque, continue to find imaginative new ways to structure polling questions designed to maintain the illusion that B.O. is not only still popular, but well-nigh unbeatable.


With all the talk about the weakness of the current crop of Republican presidential candidates, did you ever stop to think how the Flower of Affirmative Action got nominated in the first place? The Democrat slate was so weak in 2008 that über-sleazoid John Edwards was a serious contender and actually bamboozled 4.5 delegates to vote for him at the convention, despite the fact that he was battling with National Enquirer reporters in hotel bathrooms to keep his baby-mama under wraps.


Never mind that pre-Tea Party Republicans allowed the media and the cross-over primary voting processes in several states to choose Senator Doofus of Arizona as our candidate, a man who deservedly served as the caboose in his graduating class from the Naval Academy. McCain is such a pitiful excuse for a Republican that he makes the other RINOs look Reaganesque in comparison.

The B.O. Media has already found its 2012 version of McCain and is scavenging to gin up support for Jon Huntsman. He’s pals with B.O. and the Chinese and believes in global warming. I guess you could say that Romney and Huntsman are members of the Latter Day Republicans.

OK — head over and read the whole thing. And while you’re there, check out the rest of IOTW, if you aren’t already making it a regular stop. And if you aren’t, whattsa matta witchou?

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