The Top 150 Conservative Websites

Hat Tip: Joshua Pundit
From: Doug Ross Journal

Joshua Pundit was nice enough to point us to Doug Ross’ blog, which we visit all the time but seemed to have missed this post… NoisyRoom came in 115th on the 150 Top Conservative Websites. A small victory to be sure, but we’ll take it!

So many of our buds made the list – make sure you drop by and have a peek… Congrats to everyone!!


Sad News…

The blog may slow down a little over the next few days. My father-in-law is going to pass we think. He is 91 and has had an incredible life, but it is coming to a close. He is also my friend and I will selfishly miss him very, very much. All prayers are welcome…

This is just one of those parts of life I don’t deal with well. We love you Ralph.


The Heartland’s Financial Distress Dictatorship: Decaying Michigan Town on Verge of ‘Democratic Collapse’

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Benton Harbor is one of approximately 100 towns in Michigan on the verge of fiscal collapse. Now economic desperation is bringing with it a sort of financial martial law. In light of Benton Harbor’s predicament Michigan lawmakers have opted for an extreme measure which gives unilateral authority to “emergency financial managers”. EMFs have complete authority to fire elected officials, close schools, void union contracts and even sell public property.