U.S. Embassy Releases Video Taking Tough Immigration Stance…On Jews!

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NRO’s Mark Krikorian explains:

One of our embassies has released a well-produced video warning the locals not to try to work illegally in the United States. It includes testimonials from people who got burned by unscrupulous employers and by their own greed and stupidity. It also features an agent from the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security warning, in a friendly but unequivocal way, of the dire consequences facing those who try to game immigration and visa laws, including a lifetime bar from visiting the U.S.

Illegal immigrants from Mexico – not so much. Crickets. More Jew hatred and bashing from the Obama administration. Evil asshats all.

One thought on “U.S. Embassy Releases Video Taking Tough Immigration Stance…On Jews!

  1. See how useful control of the media is. They can coordinate indoctrination in their issues from 10 sides at once. Jews are just not the problem win the world. They contribute. Jews 134 Nobel Prizes. 14 million Jews world wide. Muslims 6 Nobel Prizes with i billion prople.

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