FILTHY LIAR HARKIN Attacks Tea Party “Fringe Cult” – Blames GOP for Obama-Pelosi Debt

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Senator Tom Harkin blames the GOP for the Obama-Pelosi spending – attacks the tea party “fringe cult.”

Via Real Clear Politics:

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) calls Republicans “dead-beat debtors” among other things during a Democratic press conference on Wednesday morning.

“The debate and fight is not between Democrats and Republicans. It’s between some Republicans and their sort of cult fringe as I refer to them out there,” Harkin said.

“Democrats are willing to do whatever is necessary to raise the debt ceiling, not for future borrowing but to pay the debts that we racked up in the past. Which, mostly was racked up by a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a Republican President in the last 8 years. Yet, they’re not willing to pay the bills,” Harkin said.

Ah, a Marxist liar… Must be Wednesday.

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