From: KeyWiki

William McNary is the pro-socialist president of USAction and a long-time friend and colleague of Barack Obama. Before joining USAction, McNary had served for 12 years as Legislative Director of Illinois Public Action (IPA), now known as Citizen Action/Illinois, which is a USAction affiliate with an agenda that includes health care and campaign finance reform. He now serves as co-director on the group’s staff. Both IPA and USAction were and are heavily infiltrated by Marxists – several of whom have close connections to Barack Obama. In the mid-90s, IPA’s board included Obama’s long time friend, DSA member Quentin Young, his one time boss and Communist Party USA/Soviet front activist Alice Palmer, long time supporter, “DSA friendly” Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Obama-supporting, DSA-linked unionist Tom Balanoff.

McNary has his finger in many other pies, including serving on the Board of Women’s Voices, Women Vote with Center for American Progress CEO, John Podesta. McNary has also worked as a labor union member and local president of UNITE HERE, as well as working with Jesse Jackson, Sr.’s Rainbow/Push Coalition over five election cycles. McNary was the guest speaker at the Chicago DSA’s 2005 Debs-Thomas-Harrington Dinner, alsongside Frank Llewellyn, National Director of DSA.