Triple-A Moody Ratings Are Nonsense: Paul Krugman Liberal Tax & Spend Economist

By: NakedEmperorNews

Triple-A Moody Ratings Are Nonsense: Scary Mind Of Liberal Tax & Spend Economist Exposed Paul Krugman Says Debt Up to 90% of GDP is Fine And US Credit Ratting Downgrade Doesn’t Mater

Imagine that – another idiot who won a Nobel Peace Prize. Never listen to Krugman the Keynesian. Oh, and not only is he delusional, he’s a liar.


…is good for the gander

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

I like colloquial sayings; used to have a picture with the most common phrases in the bathroom. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life,” not one of my favorites; but you get the idea.

A line which wasn’t on the list; but easily could have been, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Who’d have guessed there would be an entire page on Google dedicated to explaining this ancient saying?

The only reason the subject came to mind was the recent debt ceiling crisis talks in Washington. Devin Dwyer, writing for ABC World News wrote an article explaining how Obama wants both sides to “pull off the band-aid,” something which is often quite painful.

“Obama has endorsed a “balanced approach” to deficit reduction that would trim close to $4 trillion over the next decade through a mix of spending cuts — including changes to some entitlement programs — and tax increases for wealthier Americans and corporations.”

The problem, at least the way I see it, has to do with what folks in Washington call a “balanced approach.” They show up at the public trough and fill their pockets while at the same time destroying the livelihood of the very people who pay those tax dollars and then tell us there isn’t enough money; we have to spend more money to get out of debt and increase taxes on the filthy rich. I’ve yet to figure out how spending more money we don’t have will… kind of like a short sheeted bed isn’t it?

Statistics are fun to play with because they have so many ways of being interpreted. Looking up the median income for working Americans proved more difficult than expected, so the numbers included here are those shown from a 2003 Wikipedia compilation. The figures listed can easily be projected to present day since, according to the information supplied; these numbers have not changed significantly in decades.

“While the median household income has increased 30% since 1990, it has increased only slightly when considering inflation. In 1990, the median household income was $30,056 or $44,603 in 2003 dollars. While personal income has remained relatively stagnant over the past few decades…” (Subliminal message to sheeple, ignore that word inflation, printing money is good, long term debt is healthy…)

Family income for 50% of American households ran between $45K and $47K. The next major bracket was for those making between $50K and $75K; only 18% of the total families. In other words roughly 70% of all America working families make less than $75K; this data does not take into account the recession which put unemployment over 9% after the Obama administration took charge of the economy.

When Obama said he wanted a “balanced approach” to fixing the budget, nothing was mentioned about cutting payroll to the elite among us, our federal workers. An article by Dennis Cauchon in USA Today pointed out the fact that public sector jobs tend to pay almost 20% better than private sector jobs requiring the same job skills.

“The data flip the conventional wisdom on its head,” says Cato Institute budget analyst Chris Edwards, a critic of federal pay policy. “Federal workers make substantially more than private workers, not less, in addition to having a large advantage in benefits.”

The real elite class, our elected representatives, make at least twice the median income of most Americans who are paying their salaries. We actually pay these folks to muck up the budget, to tell us we need to sacrifice more. Our president said we need to “pull off the band-aid” and suck it in. Well isn’t that special.

“The current salary (2011) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.” This does not even mention automatic pay raises and side benefits such as tax payer funded staffing which greatly increase the cost of government.

I have an idea; let’s take the federal budget down by 20% starting the first Monday of September, that’s Labor Day for those not looking at a calendar. All federal employees, regardless of position, longevity or pay grade will take an automatic 20% reduction. This won’t hurt nearly as much as being out of work like 9% of Americans unemployed during this recession; come on “rip off that band-aid!”

The EPA has gone out of its way to destroy the coal and petrochemical industry through draconian policies and the EPA is only one of many government bureaucracies. Not only are we paying elitist bureaucrats excessive salaries compared to the median income of most American families; their agenda would seem to run counter to helping the economy recover and I’ve said nothing about how they’ve trampled on individual liberties. Enough!

How about a substantial reduction in salaries paid to elected representatives? These folks are more than willing for average Americans to sacrifice in order to “right the ship.” Why should they be exempted; after all, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!”

This article has been cross-posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government & The American Constitution.”


Welcome to the OSA (formerly USA) Fellow Slaves!

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

Today, it all changes.  Everything we have known is being transformed.  The Obama States of America is officially being established by the former Democrat and Republican parties.  Today, we are all Obama-Stalinists and will now happily give everything we own over to the Obama government.  In other words, we will embrace our slavery with smiles on our faces–or else.

Despite our efforts to stop it, both Republicans and Democrats voted to give Dictator-in-Chief Obama trillions of dollars more (which we no longer have) in this reality-show marking the end of the manufactured and phony “debt crisis.”  Note:  There wouldn’t be any crisis if Congress and the illegal POTUS would agree to stop spending and sending our money to their globalist friends overseas.  But, they refuse.

The agreement to add additional trillions-of-dollars to our debt–which will now destroy and gut us completely–gives Obama the means to help his reelection campaign and does not provide any substantial cuts to spending…if any at all.  Where did you think the Tyrant Obama planned to use a great deal of it?

The rumors that this was all a game between the Democrat and Republican parties to try to fool We-the-People into believing they are really working for us were and are true.  Boehner and McConnell have just turned the country over to Obama, their planned super committee and Obama’s dictatorship.  Neither Establishment Republicans (RINOs… Democrat plants) or the now totally Marxist-Leninist Democrats are working for us or the country.  They are working for themselves, against the United States of America and we now fully work for them.

And now US Congressional members have decided–since they haven’t followed the US Constitution for decades–to put into place a “Super Congress” committee that will consist of 12 members;  six Marxist-Democrats and six Go-Along-to Keep-our-Jobs Republicans.  As Paul Joseph Watson writes, the unconstitutional establishment this Super Congress” will command that “legislation decided on by the Super Congress would be immune from amendment and lawmakers would only be able to register an up or down vote, eliminating the ability to filibuster. The Speaker of the House would effectively lose the power to prevent unpopular bills from making it to the House floor.”

Congress now finally realizes the US electorate wants to get rid of all of those who oppose the will of US citizens and Congress members on both sides of the aisle have no intention of leaving their offices due to the votes of the “stupid little people.”

One of the first plans of the Super Congress is to dissolve or severely limit the Second Amendment.  Congressional members will cede all authority over the Second Amendment–and therefore the entire Bill of Rights–to themselves and we presume the planned never-to-be-unseated Tyrant Obama.  They know that what they are doing will eventually cause a real bloody American Revolution.  So, now the entire US government plans to remove our ability to fight them back.  Virtually everything Obama and Congress are doing, these days, is illegal.

In October 2008, I wrote the following in my column, “Is the USA ready for an American Stalin?”:

 After Obama is elected, all of his programs and people to keep him in power indefinitely — and to rid him of any and all opposition — will be firmly in place. You will not be able to vote him out of office. By the time he assumes the position of President of the United States it will already be too late. A democratic republic will last only so long as people of good will allow and fight for it. After they are gone — or removed — it is ended.

It appears this now, also, applies to Congress.

So, welcome to the new and revised (aka “transformed”) world of dictatorship, severe coming suppression, poverty and early death to all US citizens.  The Obama syndicate tested our mettle when it commanded its TSA to sexually grope us and our children.  We failed.  Welcome to your and our abject slavery.

Sometimes, I really hate being prescient.

Super Congress To Target Second Amendment:
at prisonplanet.com

Is the USA ready for an American Stalin?:
at renewamerica.com

Definition “transformed” in ObamaSpeak:  The state of being destroyed.


Super Congress a Universal Uber-Congress? Gun Control and More

From: Gulag Bound

A Gun Owners of America Press Release purports the new Super Congress authority will supersede  the mere restriction of existing government programs, or even tax matters.  It can be used to introduce many leftist (neo-Marxist) programs including gun control, according to GOA.

Congress to decide whether Super Congress could impose gun control

Monday, 01 August 2011 12:07

Gun owner registration … bans on semi-automatic firearms … adoption of a UN gun control treaty — all of these issues could very well be decided over the next 24 hours.

Both houses of Congress will be voting on a debt ceiling bill that establishes a legislative committee with TREMENDOUS powers.  Fox News is calling this committee a SUPER CONGRESS, because its legislative proposals (which could include gun control provisions) CANNOT be filibustered or amended in the Senate or House.

To understand what a huge deal this is, consider that House Speaker John Boehner is able to keep a mountain of gun control bills from coming to the floor of the House.  That’s the power of the Speaker.

And in the Senate, we have been able to kill much of the gun control agenda by filibustering legislation (that is, requiring the Majority Leader to get a supermajority or 60 votes in order to pass gun control).

The most recent example of this occurred earlier this year when we defeated a radical, anti-gun judicial nomination (Goodwin Liu) using the filibuster.  The filibuster has been our saving grace in the Senate, but that could be tossed within the next 24 hours.

Regarding the debt ceiling compromise, here’s what one legislative analyst (inside a Republican office on Capitol Hill) had to say:

Right now, we have limited protection from the schemes of the left – even if they have some Republican support, we have a speaker who wouldn’t bring horrible bills to the floor, and we have the Senate filibuster.

Both of these are rendered moot by the Super committee.  There is NO Senate filibuster on the product they report.  The Speaker CANNOT stop a vote in the House….

[Hence], 22 liberal Republicans can join the Congressional Democrats and the President in: Closing the gun show “loophole,” banning semi-automatic weapons, creating a national handgun registration, or ordering state gun laws moot.

A super highway for gun control legislation?  This is incredibly unconstitutional!  We don’t elect a Congress, which can then turn around and elect a SUPER committee.  We need to make sure this never lands on the President’s desk.

ACTION:  Please email and call your Representative and Senators.  Urge them to vote NO on establishing this SUPER CONGRESS with unconstitutional powers.

See Gulag Bound’s tag: Super Congress for more, ongoing.


Courage to Stand, Courage to Sacrifice

Tea Party Tribune
By: Debbie Lee
America’s Mighty Warriors

Aug 2nd 2006 a day that forever changed my life, our family, the SEAL community, those who knew Marc Alan Lee and all who would come to know him through his heroic sacrifice and final challenge left in his “Glory letter,” to pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life.

As I sit at his grave the emotions overwhelm me and I lay face down over the soil where his body lays longing to be close one more time to my son, to hear his voice, see his smile, hear his laughter, listen to his thoughts. My tears erupt into the parched grass. How could it have been 5 years? Oh how I long to embrace him and tell him how much I love him and how proud I am of him and his courage. Yes Marc, you were right. Life is a precious gift, and we never know how long we will have it.

Emotionally depleted I sit up and wipe my tears. I reflect back to the day Marc willingly gave his life and the courage he displayed as three different times that day he chose to expose himself and stand up into direct enemy fire to defend his buddies and the freedoms we are blessed with as Americans.

It is only natural that as a Mother there is a huge hole in my heart left by his absence in physical form. Yet that young man’s spirit continues to live and surrounds so many as we remember him. His headstone says “Loved Deeply, Deeply Loved,” and we remember that deep love, his love for life, his family, his friends, and his teammates.

Marc’s faith in Christ was reflected in how he lived each moment with, courage, compassion, perseverance, purpose, and determination and selflessly gave to meet other’s needs. His sense of humor impacted people in an amazing way and you always knew when Marc had been in a room.

I still can’t comprehend how you can fight in an intense fire fight for two hours, in extreme temperatures of 120 degrees, carrying 150-180 lbs and still have the mental focus and strength to make the decision to do the right thing and risk your life for others. Courage like Marc displayed doesn’t just happen. It is engrained in you by your creator, it is the choice to follow the Biblical morals and values taught to you, it is the opportunity to practice in other difficult circumstances that life brings you or your BUD’s instructors produce.

Our American History is rich in examples of patriots who displayed courage in numerous circumstances, willing to give everything if need be for what they believed in, to provide liberty and a better life to those they left behind.

Courage (also bravery, fortitude, or intrepidity) is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. “Physical courage” is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death, or threat of death, while “moral courage” is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement.

Marc displayed physical and moral courage often witnessed on the battlefield, but courage need not be displayed only in the battlefields of combat as we fight and defend America and the freedoms we have been blessed with.

As Americans many of us have lost our fortitude and have no spine. We are not willing to confront our fears, our pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.

If I refused to confront my pain when I was notified Marc had been killed, I would still be curled up in the fetal position, relying on drugs or alcohol to take away the deepest pain a mother could experience.

We have become a nation of cowards who are too busy living life and enjoying the freedoms we have that others have fought and died for. We have expected someone else to stand for what we believe in and defend our rights. We have buried our heads in the sand and are clueless of the downward spiral to destruction our country is headed in if we don’t courageously stand in the face of uncertainty and adversity and take our country back.

The Tea Party Movement has inspired, educated and equipped many individuals to stand just as Marc did armed with courage to confront our government, willing to do battle to protect and defend our freedoms that our Founding Fathers envisioned and declared in our Constitution.

We boldly came together and made a difference in the elections of 2010 and recently have stood our ground on our financial crisis and the debt limit. We were fed lie after lie that unless we increased the debt limit Aug 2nd would be doomsday and seniors wouldn’t receive their checks.

Fear-mongering is a strategy coming from our White House, hoping we will put our head between our tails and cave in to the liberals on the Hill. They are counting on Americans to continue to allow them to manipulate and control us. I cringed every time I heard them talking about Aug. 2nd, Aug. 2nd, Aug. 2nd, another reminder of that dreadful day when Marc left this earth.

It disgusts me to hear the Vice President of the United States has likened me to a terrorist? I’m the Mother of a hero who defended America, sacrificed his life and had the flag, he willing gave his life for, draped over his coffin … and I am being called a terrorist. I’m standing on Biblical morals and values and our constitution and founding documents and I’m a terrorist?????? Despicable!!!! I demand an apology!

It’s a sad day in America when this is the attitude and thinking of our leaders. This is the battle cry and it is time for all of us to stand up with courage at your side, facing your fears standing for America, reclaiming the liberties and freedoms that our military has fought, bled and many have made the ultimate sacrifice just as my son did.

Folks, we are now in an intense firefight in America to reclaim her and restore her. As the SEALs say “Failure is not an option.”

As you remember the sacrifice my son made five years ago today, honor him by reading his last letter home. I know it will inspire you to arm yourself with courage and conquer whatever battles you are facing and to stand courageously for America.


Did Nowegian Mass Murderer Anders Breivik Undergo Military Training in Belarus?

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Every major news story coming out of the countries of the former Soviet Union should be viewed as possible deliberately crafted disinformation.

This highly inflammatory story should be treated with the utmost caution.

If it is true, or even partially true, it places a whole new significance on the Norwegian Massacre story.

From Russia’s Novosti

Anders Breivik

Norway’s twin terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik trained at a secret paramilitary field camp in Belarus earlier this year, a Belarusian opposition politician said on Thursday, citing security sources.

Breivik visited Belarus several times. This spring, as part of his preparations for his twin attacks, he visited Minsk, where he underwent training at a secret paramilitary field camp,” Mikhail Reshetnikov, the head of the opposition Belarusian Party of Patriots, told the Gazeta.ru online newspaper.

He cited sources within Belarus’s “security organs.”

Breivik, 32, has admitted to carrying out a bombing in Oslo, which killed eight, and a mass shooting at a Labor Party youth camp on the nearby island of Utoya, which left 68 dead. He has not accepted criminal responsibility, however, saying his actions were “atrocious but necessary” measures intended to “save Norway and Western Europe” from a “Muslim takeover.”

Breivik mentioned in his online manifesto visiting Belarus to study the effects of fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The former Soviet republic’s state border agency has confirmed he was in Belarus from March 4 to March 11, 2005.

Reshetnikov also claimed Breivik had participated in “sabotage-terrorism drills” under a former Belarusian special service officer and that he had used a fake passport to enter Belarus.

His codename in Belarus’s KGB was Viking,” he added. “Rumors say he also had a girlfriend in Belarus.”

“The theory that Belarus’ special forces were involved in training Anders Breivik seems, of course, far-fetched,” political expert Viktor Demidov was quoted by Gazeta.ru as saying.

“On the other hand, [Belarusian] President Alexander Lukashenko’s friendship with Muammar Gaddafi is no secret – neither is his fondness for Adolf Hitler.”

Norway is taking part in NATO operations in Libya and Gaddafi has threatened attacks against Europe.

There is no doubt that the massacre will be used to discredit anti-Marxist and anti-Islamic forces – just as were Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh’s murderous crimes back in the 1990s. Anders Breivik’s crimes have done far more to help radical Islam and the left, than the pro-freedom forces he claims he wanted to help.

There is also no doubt that some of Europe’s more naive anti-Islamists see Russia, Belarus and Serbian elements as potential allies in the battle against the Islamization of Europe. Unfortunately, the opposite is actually the case.

Therefore, the possibility of East Bloc involvement should not be discounted out of hand.

Please do not treat this Novosti report as reliable. I post it as an interesting angle, possibly true, or partially true. No more than that.