Must See Video Shows What We Face in Wisconsin RECALLs

This morning we are launching the Tea Party Express tour through Wisconsin to fight back against the Barack Obama, and Union Boss led RECALL campaigns against the brave GOP Senators who stood behind Gov. Scott Walker.

This is one of the most important efforts we have ever engaged in since patriots came together to form the Tea Party movement in 2009.

You need to understand what we are up against. Nearly $15 MILLION has been spent so far in these RECALL campaigns and national Democrat leaders have poured all sorts of resources into these RECALLs. That’s why it’s important that somebody stand up to them.

To see for yourself what we face, please watch this news report below. It shows Governor Scott Walker at the Wisconsin State Fair to do what every Governor in Wisconsin does – ceremoniously open the fair. Instead, the well-organized Left and Union Bosses organized yet another mob to shout him down. Please see the video below:


So we have a choice, friends. We can sit back, do nothing and let Obama, and the Union Bosses dominate these campaigns, or we can rally patriots together and fight back – and we chose to fight. The consequences of failure are too severe. We cannot afford to lose to the liberals and let them win these RECALL elections.

So we need your help – everyone around the country can support us as we engage in this fight. We’ve launched a TV and radio ad campaign, but we need to raise A LOT more money in the next 24 hours so we can be competitive with liberal groups backed by Barack Obama. You can support this effort by making a contribution – HERE.

We still need 68 more people to contribute $100 or more in the next 24 hours. If you can make a contribution of $100 or more please make that donation – HERE.

2nd – We need big crowds at our Tea Party Express Wisconsin rallies that will be taking place this Friday, August 4th – Monday, August 8th. We now have rally locations and times listed for ALL events on our website:

Please, please, please also help us spread the word to others about these rallies! If you use Facebook then we urgently need you to go to the Wisconsin Tea Party Express Event Page and RSVP your attendance (even if you can’t physically make it to a rally) to this effort. And here’s the important point, we then need you to click “Select Guests to Invite” and invite all your conservative, pro-tea party friends to this event so you can help us get the word out and build “buzz” for this effort. Here’s the link to the Facebook Event Page:

Finally, to reiterate, we really do need everyone’s help to raise the money to pay for this effort. Besides the costs of the tour (gas for a tour bus is exorbitantly expensive), we also have to pay for our TV and radio ad campaign to back this effort up. Please make a contribution by clicking the CONTRIBUTE button below.

If you prefer, you can also mail a contribution to our national headquarters at this address:

Tea Party Express
8795 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95826-3720


CONTACT: Levi Russell at [email protected], or (509) 979-6615


Conservative rallies being held today in Hudson, La Crosse

The Tea Party Express ( considered one of the most aggressive and influential national tea party groups, kicks off a tour through Wisconsin today that will rally support for Republican State Senators who have come under attack.

Howard Kaloogian, known for launching the historic Recall Gray Davis Committee and playing a pivotal role in recalling California Democratic Governor Davis, will join the tour as a consultant and featured speaker.

Rallies today, August 5th:

Hudson, WI: 12 Noon – 1:30 PM
Lakefront Park Bandshell on First Street

La Crosse, WI: 5:30-7:00 PM
Copeland Park Oktoberfest Shelter
1130 Copeland Park Dr.

The “Restoring Common Sense” pre-election tour will visit nine cities with rallies featuring conservative speakers, singers, and entertainers. A large coalition has come together to support this effort, with national groups including Tea Party Nation, FreedomWorks, 60 Plus, Patriot Action Network, Grassfire Nation, American Grassroots Coalition and the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama contributing to the effort.

The full tour schedule is posted at

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Levi Russell at 509-979-6615 or [email protected]

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