SA President Jacob Zuma, Supports Communist Party Anniversary Celebrations

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Jacob Zuma

With more than 130,000 paid up members and control of the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the ruling African National Congress, the South African Communist Party effectively runs South Africa.

Several South African Cabinet ministers owe allegiance to the S.A.C.P., as do dozens of A.N.C. Members of Parliament.

South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma is reportedly a former member of the Party. However this advertisement for a recent S.A.C.P. 90th anniversary rally proves that Mr. Zuma is still very tight with his “former” comrades.

One thought on “SA President Jacob Zuma, Supports Communist Party Anniversary Celebrations

  1. Here’s an interesting thought…“Our constitution,” said John Adams (first vice president and second president of the United States), “was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the
    government of any other”. Quoted via Ezra Taft Benson in his talk, The Constitution – A Heavenly Banner.

    Now the opposite could also be said, Socialism is based on the lowest level of human interaction, the theft of goods and services from those who have earned those goods and services in order to be redistributed among those who did not earn them. So those who lack any morals and religious principles are able to fit in easily with socialism.

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