Video Claims That “A Liberal Is Really Just A Conservative”?

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From: Patriot Action Network

I seem to remember twisted logic like this somewhere… Hmmm… Oh, yeah! It was Satan. Well, that fits right in with Ayers, Media Matters, Soros etc.

Right out of the Progressive playbook – lies, distortions, out of context, manipulation, claiming right is wrong and wrong is right. Absolute evil horse puckey.

Useful, brainwashed idiots. Americans who are awake don’t fall for these manipulations any more. Each of your examples are true conservatives who want to reduce out debt and help keep America alive as a Republic – that’s as far as you can get from a Progressive liberal in my playbook. Megyn Kelly is a conservative. Just because she believes in maternity leave, doesn’t make her liberal. And Beck is not an anti-Semite. No matter how much this brain dead, valley girl trumpets it, Beck is the most pro-Israel, pro-Jew person I have seen this lifetime.

Get a clue Media Matters and stop spewing hate-filled lies that no one believes. You are pathetic.

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