Georgetown Hoyas get into a wild brawl with a Chinese team

Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques

Racist Chinese Attacking American Basketball Students

By: Luong Do

What could be more American and diplomatic than a friendly game of basketball? But unfortunately, the Chinese who have grown up hating America and our American values don’t understand this and have shown the whole world the true ugly face of their country in this shameful display of racism and violence as they beat up and threw chairs and water bottles at our Georgetown University students.

Our students who went out of their way to travel to China as a friendly gesture of international good will were rudely repaid with racism and physical violence. Please note how evil these American-hating Chinese thugs are when they started the fight by pushing one of our players and then beat him even when he was on the ground. Also notice how the Chinese crowd yelled “Death to America” and threw chairs and water bottles at our players.

Are these the people whom we want to continue doing business with? Are these the people we want to give tens of millions of our American jobs to? Why are we treating these racist Chinese who continue to brag about having the technology to nuke American cities in their military newspapers as our friends? The time has come to treat and see China for what it truly is: America’s #1 enemy.

One thought on “Georgetown Hoyas get into a wild brawl with a Chinese team

  1. It’s time to quake up, folks! America’s most dangerous enemies are still the commies. Just because they wear three-piece suits and call themselves capitalists don’t mean Jack when they openly brag about nuking American cities in their military newspapers. Not only that but China continues to support African, South American and Asian dictators who are openly hostile towards American interests.

    First plan of attack? Stop treating them as our friends. Second, stop all trade with them. Third, form an international alliance of all nations that surround China and squeeze them dead. Do these three steps and let’s see how long China will last. No need for war, just stop supporting these America haters.

    In Christ’s holy service,

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