Tea Party Steps Up on Economy

Today’s government report that there has been no job growth last month is further evidence of the failures of the policies of Barack Obama. Coupled with the news a few days ago that high unemployment will continue through 2012 at least is totally unacceptable to Americans. It is these failed policies that make the Tea Party movement so strong – the American people know what needs to be done, even if the politicians in Washington are clueless.

First, how about cutting the wasteful and repetitive government spending? The Government Accounting Office has pointed to billions of wasted dollars in repetitive and inefficient government programs.

Every household knows you can’t keep spending more than you make. So why is that so hard for Washington to figure out?

Now President Obama is proceeding to propose more government spending and programs to get the economy going when almost every American knows that jobs are created by businesses, mostly small business. That’s the true economic engine that makes America prosperous!

The Tea Party Express is carrying this message of fiscal responsibility and economic growth across the country now in our national bus tour called Reclaiming America. We are pushing all of the Republican presidential candidates to make serious proposals to get the American economy moving forward again. It will come to a head at our CNN/Tea Party Express Presidential Debate on Monday night, September 12th.

You may have seen our Iowa event with the presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. The other candidates are joining us as our tour continues!

You can see the full schedule of the Reclaiming America tour HERE.

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