Update: Was the IHOP Gunman Strategically Targeting National Guardsmen?

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Editor’s Note: As many of you know, I recently moved from Carson City, Nevada to Idaho. I am saddened to hear that this has happened. Friends there tell me of the nine shot, at least 5 were National Guardsmen. I am hearing that all three that died were in the National Guard, but I’ve only confirmed two of them. Our prayers and thoughts are with their families. I know the shooter took his own life. I hope he rots in hell for what he did.

Ken Furlong, the sheriff, is a good man and very good at his job. He’s someone you can trust. Carson City has seen a dramatic increase in meth abuse in the last decade and a massive influx of gangs. The schools in Nevada are among the worst in the nation. Thank you Harry Reid and President Obama. You didn’t pull the trigger, but your actions surely contributed to the bloodshed this morning.

This is why we moved. We saw the increase in violence there. My son still lives in Reno and I worry about him every day. This has nothing to do with guns – this is terrorism against our military and civilians.

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