Mayor Verner kicks the Otto Zehm death cover up down the road again

Ron The Cop

I attended this press conference this morning in front of the side entrance to the City Hall. The Mayor delivered her prepared speech expressing sympathy to the Otto Zehm family and acknowledging the citizens have a right to transparency in this investigation. The Mayor said their hands were tied until after the federal criminal case concludes. The Mayor and Council will then appoint an commission that will both internally and thoroughly investigate this incident. The Mayor would not take any questions. KHQ has the Mayor’s speech and press handout she gave to the media.

Please forgive me if I thought the the Mayor’s words were disingenuous. There has been an active cover up of Zehm’s death since the night of the incident that has been condoned and aided and abetted by high level police officials including the City Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Mayor. Please see my previous post of what is the most practical means of doing this investigation that will not cost the City a nickel:

Mayor, City Attorney and Police Chief now implicated in Zehm death cover up (Spokane, WA)
Councilman Bob Apple was obviously steamed as he did not receive the notification of this press conference that was sent to the media at about 8:30 PM last evening. Councilman Apple to his credit took questions from the media and dropped several bombshells. As quoted by the S-R in its preliminary article:

But after the mayor’s briefing, City Councilman Bob Apple addressed reporters with harsh words for the city and police. Apple, who said he wasn’t notified of the mayor’s briefing, said the federal trial of Thompson will be “an indictment” on the city’s policies and procedures.

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