Dems Clinging to Their Jews and Religion

By: Kevin Jackson
The Black Sphere

No matter how the Left tries to spin the Republican win in NY-9, the fact is Obama and the Regressives got weinered, I’m talking stuck, skewered, screwed. How else can you defend getting your butt kicked by a rich old white Republican in a Democrat-dominated heavily Jewish district?

Weiner had a little to do with the loss, I’ll admit. But in the scheme of things Weiner was a minor player. And for New Yorkers, Weiner represents the type of Liberal they would have forgiven and promoted in the past, a mousey Jewish guy whom the Left canonizes.

Losing NY-9 was a big blog to the Liberals, and frankly, I’m concerned about Obama. I’m not sure how much more bad news can be heaped on his frail little padded shoulders. It simply has not been a good run over the past few weeks, when you think about it.

Unemployment up, with no end in sight. When the White House tells you that they predict unemployment will remain above 9 percent, you know they know they are in trouble. It’s like the first step in the 12-Step Program.

Obama knows that people will not blame the Republicans when his latest “no jobs” bill fails. Who could blame the Republicans for finally finding sanity, following the Tea Party and ending the fiscal orgy of the Liberals.

Another bad indicator: Homelessness is up, and this despite Obama’s adding 24% to the budget to fight homelessness. It’s almost as if Obama is paying people to kick people out of their homes.

The stock market is schizophrenic to say the least, showing essentially no gain for the year. Adjusted for “real” inflation or the devaluation of the dollar, the stock market has gained nothing. And if that’s not enough, the market tumbles each time Obama speaks publicly, as if the market knows that Obama will introduce another inane economic idea.

Obama got his money to raise the debt ceiling, and that money isn’t helping the economy at all, allowing Obama to just pay the vig on the Chinese debt. Incomes falling, poverty rising, no bump from killing Osama, it seems that everything Obama touches turns to turd.

If I were somebody close to Obama, I’d put him under suicide watch.

As for this latest loss, the Democrats should have expected it. I know that Turner was against overwhelming odds to win in NYC. That notwithstanding, the rumblings were there, but like the Tea Party, the rumblings were largely ignored.

The first hint came with the loss of “the Kennedy seat.” Obama played it cool. No big deal. The election of Scott Brown didn’t affect the outcome of ObamaCare.

Next, three governorships went to Republicans in formerly Democrat strongholds. Obama was cool yet again, because that is his style. Cool under fire…publicly. Privately Obama was smoking like a chimney in fetal position on the sofa in the Oval Office.

The final warning bell came in what can only be described as The Carnage of 2010 for the Left. When the results of the election of 2010 were evaluated, Obama finally got a clue.
Obama admitted to receiving a shellacking. “That’s what elections are for”…shellacking!

Turner’s win is yet another indictment of Obama and Liberalism.

In this heavily Jewish NYC district, Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-to-1. But as reported in the Wall Street Journal Online, DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz had this to say:

“It’s a very difficult district for Democrats…”

It sure is a very difficult district for Democrats…to LOSE! But they DID IT!

A seat held by Democrats for 90 years goes to a Republican, and Wasserman-Shultz acts like it’s no big deal, business as usual. Perhaps losing is now the new business as usual for Democrats.

The Democrats were so desperate to win in the heavily Jewish district that they replaced Weiner with David Weprin, an Orthodox Jew.

There go those Democrats, clinging to their Jews and their religion! – Kevin Jackson

Weprin, a NYC Jew in a 40% Jewish area, dominated 3-to-1 by Democrats couldn’t beat an old, rich, radical, Tea Party-supported Republican fat cat?!

Can you imagine what’s happening within the DNC headquarters at this moment? I’d be updating my resume, if I were them. That place must resemble a morgue. No matter what they do, they are getting fleeced by the Republicans, and the Republicans don’t even have a strategy!

The Democrats demise is self-inflicted, which by the way makes it all the more fun for me. They stayed too long in the sun and are sunburnt red like a baboon’s butt. Democrats have NO clue what to do, because their disease causes dementia.

I have a suggestion for Liberals. Start digging your rat holes.


Witness Says Suspect Asked Question in English After Deadly 9-11 Anniversary Shooting in Missouri

By: Bob McCarty
Bob McCarty Writes

Remember the deadly shooting incident at a Greyhound bus station in southwest Missouri that involved a man with a Muslim name less than 48 hours ahead of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States? Today, I offer an update about the incident the mainstream media has, thusfar, refused to acknowledge as a possible terror event.

Mohamed Dawod

On Sept. 9, police officials in Springfield, Mo., were quick to label as “random” the incident involving Mohamed Dawod, a 25-year-old man from Glendale, Ariz., who now faces a first-degree murder charge in the shooting death of Justin Hall, 32, of Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

Later the same day, according to a KSPR-TV report, those same police officials said that, because of a language barrier, they had only learned Dawod’s name and had asked the FBI to help them with the investigation. Also in that report was this telling paragraph:

Ten separate witnesses say they did not notice the men fighting or arguing before the shooting. One passenger said she watched the suspect wander around the terminal until the call to line up to re-board the bus. “She then observed the suspect remove a silver and black handgun from a back pack he was carrying,” the officer wrote. “The suspect then pointed the handgun upward while saying something. The witness could not understand what the suspect said and didn’t know if he was speaking English.” No matter what was said the witness said Hall didn’t react or turn around. Shortly after the witness says Dawod shot him from a few feet away.

Read more at Bob McCarty Writes…


Chicago Style Politics

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Corruption seems to work its way into the conversation when the Obama administration gets involved; after all, it’s the Chicago way of doing things. Fast and Furious is a bomb waiting to explode on the White House lawn depending on how far knowledge of the illegal operation went up the chain of command. There are many who believe the operation was known all the way to the top; that Obama had given the okay to provide weapons to drug cartels. We may never know the answer; witnesses seldom live to testify when it comes to Chicago style corruption.

Then there’s the Solyndra loan and subsequent bankruptcy which also threatens to blow up in Obama’s face. Reputable sources have said the White House “pressured” the Energy Department to provide Solyndra a $528 million loan even though the company was already in trouble.

“A half a billion dollars that was not supported in January under the Bush administration was… conditionally recommended in March,” Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, pointed out.”

I looked at the photograph which accompanied the lead story as it appeared on Fox News, Obama standing next to a fellow wearing the white lab coat with the Solyndra company logo in the background and had to wonder what was being explained. “Mr. President, your cut will be safely stored away behind that stainless steel door. Five white envelopes, each containing one million dollars in unmarked, untraceable bills as you requested.” This is pure speculation, but isn’t that the way it’s done Chicago style?

This article has been cross-posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government & The American Constitution.”


Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

By: Jason Ivey
Tea Party Tribune

Were Elvis alive today, he’d probably get on the national bandwagon with a tune called “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” All the other big acts are doing it — The O-Bamas, The Pelosis, the folk duo of Perry & Mitt, and even those spunky new kids on the scene: Bennie and the Feds. (Can’t stop thinking ‘bout those JOBS!)

This four-letter word has become so incessantly used it’s now akin to a bad pop song you can’t avoid. One can’t turn on the TV, radio, or open a newspaper without JOBS! assaulting their senses. And just like a bad overplayed pop song, one has to wonder who still finds it appealing. This tune went from “not fresh” to “garbage” sometime around the end of the last decade, but yet it still stands atop the 196-, er, 2011 charts.

What’s made J-O-B-S the most annoying four-letter word in the American political vernacular has to do with who uses it and how it’s used. Politicians of both parties and the parrots in the media long ago thought “jobs” was what the people wanted, and with unemployment hovering around 10 percent and sluggish growth as far as the eye can see, one can understand why.

Unfortunately, the people telling us they can “create jobs” don’t have any idea how jobs are actually created, or if they do, they’d rather we not figure it out. What we have instead is a politico/electorate complex where a certain segment of the population says they need a job, and those in government are happy to be the deliverers, or rather the perceived deliverers, since the only jobs government actually creates are government jobs with money taken from others.

Obama gave his umpteenth jobs speech last Thursday, although it’s not yet clear why anyone watched or what they learned. This is a man after all whose prior experience with jobs consisted of teaching revisionist constitutional law in the theoretical environment of academia and transferring and destroying wealth through ACORN. Now he’s pledged to spend another $447 billion of other people’s money to – wait for it – extend unemployment insurance and set up federal jobs training courses. This was also a man who stated during the ’08 campaign he would “solve” the economy. Apparently the real killers are still at large.

Another leading jobs expert, Nancy Pelosi, has argued unemployment checks are the fastest way to create jobs. She, in her economic wisdom, claimed unemployment checks have the “double benefit” of helping the unemployed and injecting demand into the economy. In fact, Pelosi has probably used the jobs mantra more than Obama, or anyone else in Washington. She said, “The jobs issue has permeated every major initiative we have”. Yes, it’s all about jobs, as she has repeated ad nauseum. Jobs, jobs, jobs. The health care bill, the climate bill, the stimulus bill, green jobs, green collar jobs! It’s a jobs bonanza. And if we don’t pass more bills requiring spending more hundreds of billions of dollars of other people’s money, then we could lose hundreds of millions of jobs.

The Federal Reserve was created to preserve a sound currency and economic stability, but the jobs phenomenon has proven irresistible to them as well. Everyone in Washington wants to get in on the act, and even Bernanke is not immune, as he’s competed with reckless fiscal policy by pursuing a loose monetary policy. It’s just too bad all that demand driven by a Keynesian shower of federal cash hasn’t resulted in a need to raise interest rates from near zero. Oh well, maybe QE3 will do it . . .

Sensing weakness in Obama and the Democrats’ record on job creation, the Republicans have sought to draw distinctions and tout their successes. In Monday night’s Republican debate, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry tried to out-job each other and declare themselves the greatest Creator of All Jobs. Perry said he’s created a million jobs in Texas! Do I hear two million? Anyone? Anyone? A moment of sanity finally came in the frumpy form of Newt Gingrich, whose new role as critic of Washington clichés and templates is proving a welcome relief in these gatherings. As Newt said – finally! – the government doesn’t create jobs, the American people create jobs.

Newt’s observation is like a drink of water in a desert, but what would be truly refreshing is having all of these politicians – Democrats and Republicans – as well as unelected bureaucrats — drop this horrendous word from their shtick altogether. The problem is not jobs, or lack thereof. The problem is these same people have been systematically choking and stifling the environments in which industries can flourish and thrive. What’s possibly worse, our political class has been training people how not to work for decades now.

A lack of jobs is a symptom of a greater problem brought on by years of destructive policies. On one end, the government has declared certain industries the enemy, especially those industries most important to a healthy economy. Energy, for instance, is the lifeblood of our economy, and yet is singled out and targeted for destruction more than any other. The EPA and the Obama administration have choked off our access to domestic oil, the president and his vice president have vowed to put the coal industry out of business, and this week’s jobs bill ends certain tax breaks for oil companies, and expensive new regulations have been placed on the trucking industry. Since energy is needed to produce and transport nearly everything, all of this only serves to make everything more expensive and more difficult to produce and transport. The mounting, stifling, and time-consuming regulations and costs resulting from Obamacare and Dodd-Frank are increasing costs to industry and individuals, and creating an increasingly unstable and unpredictable marketplace.

Industry exists because someone gets the idea to produce or provide something someone else wants, needs, or doesn’t yet know they want or need. They need capital investment to get started, and if they’re producing something efficiently that’s selling, they’ll make a profit, reinvest that money, expand, profit some more, keep expanding, etc. Along the way, they need certain skills and tasks involved in the goal of supply meeting demand. Hence, jobs.

In other words, Henry Ford didn’t create the automobile assembly line because he woke up one morning and decided he wanted to create jobs, he decided he wanted to create automobiles mass numbers of people could afford, and make a healthy profit doing it. Someone like Obama, on the other hand, thinks he can dictate to a company to hire more people, or use a measly bribe like a $4,000 tax credit to a company to hire someone who’s been unemployed for more than six months.

On the other end, government policies over the years have hurt work incentive, productivity, the work ethic, and skills. People have been taught over the last few decades that an upper-middle class lifestyle is attainable for a minimal amount of effort. Home ownership? Sure, we’ll give you a low-interest loan. 33 weeks of unemployment not enough? Make it 99! Free health care? Sure, somebody else should provide you with that. And if that’s not enough, join a government union, where pensions and health care are overly generous, retirement age is low, and losing your job extremely difficult, no matter how slothful you may be. This all goes swimmingly, everyone owns a smart phone and a high-definition television, and many don’t even have to work for it. That is, until you choke off the engine that moves all of this forward and then eventually run out of other people’s money.

Toward the first end, Obama has been using the power of the subsidy, the tax credit, and the regulators to mold industry to his will. On the labor end, he’s cajoling businesses to hire the least productive employees (those who have been unemployed the longest) and is proposing spending more billions of dollars on federal retraining programs that haven’t worked in the past, but where studies have shown “trainees” actually come out with worse work habits than they went in with and are just as likely to be unemployed after federal trainers have taught them valuable skills like how to shake hands firmly or teaching taxi drivers how to smile, as similar programs in the past have done.

Perhaps someone should ask Warren Buffett if the extra money he wants to fork over would be better spent on smart investments on private industry or thrown down this federal rat hole. Which is more likely to lead to more jobs? Maybe he should ask his fellow Democrat Steve Wynn. Viva Jobs Vegas!

Alas, all this hype about jobs is not really about jobs, and this latest jobs bill contains the word “tax” 235 times. This bill represents yet another attempted transfer of wealth from the productive sectors of the economy to the non-productive sectors who are dependent on people like Obama and the Democrats.

The Republicans know better, and they need to drop the jobs tune from their repertoire. They could do worse than looking to a past great who famously said, “The business of the American people is business”. The Republicans need not be the party of business, as in corporations, but the party of creating an atmosphere where entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive and grow, and create jobs as a result.

And that man was Calvin Coolidge. Not Elvis.


Hold It Right There! … And Listen to Some Gun Tunes

By: Deanna Murray
Tea Party Tribune

Finding a job right now really sucks. But every now and then I’ll find a posting that tweaks my interest enough to actually get me thinking what it would be like to have a job I am absolutely unqualified for … After all, a writer is a writer, right?

Well, let’s test that theory. I found a listing on one of my favorite job sites, MediaBistro.com. The NRA’s publication is seeking a writer/editor … How hard can it be? I like guns. I grew up with a daddy who is an avid gun collector. I’ve even spent my fair share of time in the Bisti Badlands shooting cans off of stumps and sandstone hills.

But while I sat in my grandeur of finally making my daddy proud by becoming a writer for one of his favorite publications, I realized my knowledge of firearms extends to knowing the difference between a rifle and a handgun AND knowing the pain of a BB gun’s ammo piercing my right shoulder (yeah, my brother shot me once because I made him mad while we were playing in the backyard …at least he gave me a running start before firing on me.)

But wait. There is one area I can actually offer some expertise … and that’s the area of firearms and music … Do you know how many great songs there are out there touting holster-happy cowboys, bottle-shooting rednecks and the gun-loving Americans? And of course there’re a few vigilante tales of murder and woe in there, too …

… And if this doesn’t make you wanna head to your local Wal-Mart to buy a gun rack, I don’t know what will …

Song: Janie’s Got a Gun
Artist: Aerosmith
Lesley Ann Warren never looked so sexy as she did in her Aerosmith videos. Her brief appearance in this one gives a little throwback to her character’s wardrobe in ‘Beulah Land’ but here she plays the mom of Janie. And Lesley Ann finds out Janie is being abused by her father. The tune details Janie’s angst in telling people about her daddy issues and having absolutely no one believe her. So she takes matters into her own hands.

The dire topic discussed in the song is kind of lightened when a listener gets to watch Steven Tyler crawl around on a grate and flip his microphone scarves all over the place (I need some of those for my mic stand) … but the tune’s a classic. Can’t leave it off the list.

Song: Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Artist: The Beatles
John Lennon got the idea for this tune off a magazine cover he saw. In writings about this particular song, Lennon said he thought the headline of the article ‘Happiness is a warm gun’ was so fantastic he had to write about it. But who knows what actually came first – his realization a warm gun usually means someone’s fired it or the fact he really didn’t know much about firearms … hum … Still, a hit was in the making when Lennon took 3 tunes he’d been working on previously and formed them into this now, Beatles classic.

On a side note, would he turn over in his grave to know his song’s being featured on Tea Party Tribune? Probably ….but hell, it’s still a good tune.

Song: Gun
Artist: Uncle Tupelo
Using a firearm as a metaphor for your heart is always a bad sign. Uncle Tupelo ‘sold his guitar to the girl next door’ and wrote a song about his quick-fire, now unloaded heart.

This tune even got those rifle-hating liberals using the ‘g’ word while singing in the shower …

Song: You Give Love a Bad Name
Artist: Bon Jovi
It’s an anthem of a generation who embraced a New Jersey boy, his great hair and the tightest pants on the face of the earth … Jon Bon Jovi, thank you for all of it.

Whenever I hear ‘Shot thru the heart and you’re to blame … you give love a bad name.’ I think about how many Bon Jovi posters used to grace the walls of my bedroom as a teenager. Seems I can still hear my parents yelling ‘Deanna Marie Murray, turn that music down NOW.’

Song: Beer for My Horses
Artist: Toby Keith
Willie Nelson and the Patriotic Toby Keith team up for this fun-loving cowboy tune touting justice for all and putting evil dudes in the ground … and liquor for four-legged, saddled beasts of burden.

Because when the ‘gun-smoke settles, we’ll sing a victory tune and we’ll all meet back at the local saloon. We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces singing whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.’ Just a quick question tho … what kind of ticket can a horse get for trotting under the influence? …

Song: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Artist: Gene Pitney
Oh hail the western, the love of a good woman and the king of cowboy cinema, John Wayne. I throw this tune in especially for my Gramps who is a Wayne aficionado and actually owns a John Wayne collector’s rifle …

Both a flick and a song, this tune tells the story of a cowboy who gave the ultimate justice to the baddest of dudes … makes you wonder if Liberty Valance turned evil though, because the school kids made fun of his name … it’s just a wild guess.

Song: I’m Gonna Get Me a Gun
Artist: Cat Stevens
This is simply the hokiest song I have ever heard. Musically, it’s silly, strange and carnival-like. Lyrically the happiness in which the words are delivered is comical … so I had to include it.

It’s almost PeeWee Herman-like … without the annoying voice and the bow tie … I can literally envision a person skipping along the sidewalk to the local pawn shop singing ‘I’m gonna get me a gun (doo doo doo doo doo) I’m gonna get me a gun.”

Song: Cleaning This Gun
Artist: Rodney Atkins
Yeah. I think every dad in the world talks about the fact he’s gonna go out and buy a rifle before his daughter starts dating…

‘Cleaning This Gun’ is the fear-of-god song every dad wants to put into the teen-aged boys taking out the princess of the house. Daddy, sitting on the porch, rifle in lap laying down the law … and making sure to re-iterate he’ll be up when he returns with his daughter ‘still cleaning his gun.’

Song: Give Me Back My Bullets
Artist: Lynard Skynard
The title track to Skynard’s fourth studio album, ‘Give Me Back My Bullets’ was the band’s best charting album, reaching No. 20 on the US charts. This tune is a prime example of a song embracing a person’s right to proudly own guns.

Lynard Skynard speaks metaphorically of the stigma of being a gun lover but also of the pride in ownership. And ‘He ain’t foolin’ around …’

Song: Gunpowder and Lead
Artist: Miranda Lambert
This sweet girl has kickin’ edge. One of Miranda Lambert’s first tunes to hit the scene is a gritty tune of a girl taking control of her own destiny after being abused by a boyfriend.

Obviously, we don’t condone this type of violence, but we’re all in favor of a great country tune performed by a beautiful woman, right? Especially when she’s just not gonna take it anymore … ‘His fist is big, but my gun is bigger …’

So there it is. … You might not think these tunes deliver the same kick as a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum or a 300 Weatherby Magnum (for those big game hunters out there), but they’re what I came up with. No worries, I won’t RECOIL (another gun term … points for me?) from your suggestions. Fire away …

But before I sign off, any sure shots out there willing to teach a girl to point and shoot?