Startling Anti-Semitic Rally in Canada: Jews Are ‘Racist, Inhuman and Barbaric’

This video was taken at the annual Al-Quds rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto on August 28, 2011.

Michael Coren and Steve McDonald of CIJA discuss the antics of the usual suspects involved in Toronto’s Al Quds Day Jew Hate festival.

Brian Lilley & Tarek Fatah On The Queen’s Park Al Quds Day Jew Hate Festival.

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This is disgusting and history is repeating itself. Shame on these hateful, hateful people. Leave Israel alone and shut up.

One thought on “Startling Anti-Semitic Rally in Canada: Jews Are ‘Racist, Inhuman and Barbaric’

  1. On the contrary I would like to see Al Quds celebrated in the US in order to inform the public about the violent hate crimes committed against Palestinians in their homeland. I don’t equate anti-zionism with racism because the issue is political- it’s a question of human rights, and there is no room in this argument for ignorant name calling. It’s easy to shut down a discussion once you start accusing people of racism- because there is no where else to go from there, you are just a lunatic racist. The zionist movement is quick to label anti-zionist actions as anti-semitic in order to justify the zionist cause- and further the myth that jews are the world’s victims. Therefore, anyone who believes that Palestine is a legal state is a racist. That is completely illogical. So basically, israel deserves statehood and Palestine does not? That sounds a lot like racial supremacy! And as far as I know , the hebrew bible is the only religious book who’s tenets are based on racial supremacy.

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