Jon Stewart – Cheap Shots Are All He Knows

Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana is a good and honorable man. He is a conservative who strongly believes in fiscal responsibility. I am currently reading his new book Keeping the Republic. I highly recommend it.

Below you will see two videos from The Daily Show. In them, Stewart lumps Daniels in with all other Republicans instead of going over what the Governor stands for himself. That’s like calling all Democrats racist… 🙂

Every time the Republicans have even made anything resembling an honest attempt to curtail spending and balance the budget, they have been blocked by the progressives. I feel Stewart’s tactics are meant to denigrate and demean Daniels. Taxes are not the solution and this class warfare crap is tedious and tiresome. Typical Stewart cheap shots, interruptions, elitism and trap-door rhetoric.

What I hear on these videos is pretty much right and sounds like fiscal sanity to me from Daniels. Stewart is stoking the ‘eat the rich’ mentality. Either he is complicit or ill informed. Raising taxes on the rich, who already pay the largest percentage of taxes, does not work. It winds up being passed on to the masses. Go to a flat tax already! Cut taxes and it will fuel job growth.

From the Indiana Journal Gazette:

“Gov. Mitch Daniels had turned down The Daily Show with Jon Stewart numerous times over the years, perhaps rightly so. Wednesday night’s interview wasn’t the easiest or most comfortable for the governor, who joked at the end that he needed a dog for protection….. Daniels said he got a little defensive because Stewart was asking him to defend positions he hasn’t advocated. Stewart ended the interview by apologizing, saying it is difficult to get prominent Republicans on the show for these discussions and he was excited by Daniels’ reputation as a smart, fiscal conservative.”

One thought on “Jon Stewart – Cheap Shots Are All He Knows

  1. The most dangerous thing in the world is someone that is stupid, thinks they are smart, and has no idea they are stupid. That would be Jon Stewart. What scares the hell out of me is the people that listen to his stupidity believe him and like him for it.

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