Roger Ailes Tells Why Beck & Palin Were Nixed

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

…ostensibly and at least sort of obliquely, if not subtly

Never mind those pesky globalist neo-Marxists capturing America through state “crony” capitalism and dialectic revolt.

I’ve got a big TV popularity contest to run! Investors have to see the short term return on investment! Who cares about what happens to America in the longer run. Besides, isn’t globalism and its state-controlled (a-hem-central-bank) capitalism where we are inevitably going?

Roger Ailes: Beck, Palin Were ‘Branding Issue’

(NEWSER) – Is Fox News going moderate? Not exactly, but Roger Ailes has consciously made a “course correction” from hyper-partisanship back toward the center, sensing that the public has grown weary of the Tea Party, he tells Howard Kurtz of Newsweek. Glenn Beck’s inflammatory rhetoric in particular “became a bit of a branding issue for us,” he says, as did Sarah Palin’s use of her Fox platform to promote herself as a possible GOP savior.


That funny Roger Ailes – classic Reagan (or Bush) adviser. All those Star Trek fans in the money controlled GOP are a knee-slapper. So San Francisco’s really going to be the capital of Utopia Earth?

Chalk up two marks for George Soros, Van Jones, & Co.

I wonder how the Kochs feel about it.

Getty image of Roger Ailes from Newser article

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