3,500,000 Hits!

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Just passed through 3,500,000 hits. I remember when I started this blog in November 2005, being excited about my first thousand.

Then it was a dinky little Kiwi blog, which focused mainly on promoting free markets and exposing the New Zealand left.

Today, I focus largely on US politics, because that is where the front line in the fight for freedom is these days.

Not long ago, the US was an impregnable fortress that used its unmatched wealth and military might to protect its friends and allies from the bad guys of the world.

Today, the bad guys have snuck in through the back door and are now running the US Democratic Party, much of the US media and most certainly the White House itself.

Many people fail to see that if America fails economically, military contraction is inevitable. This will in turn embolden the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Cubans and all their third world and Islamic allies in their holy mission to destroy and conquer what is left of the West.

That is why every freedom lover on the face of this Earth has a vital interest in the outcome of the US presidential elections of 2012.

Thanks to all my readers, supporters and donors for their ongoing encouragement, loyalty and friendship.

Kind regards all.

Trevor Loudon

From a supporter - Cape Canaveral, Florida

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