3 thoughts on “Embarrassing Attack on Two Generals Reporting on Security Threat at the U.S.-Mexico Border

  1. Another nitwit Democrat politician. He asked about the “annatotal” evidence. His Level of intelligence is on par with Sheila Jackson Lee.

  2. The word that comes to mind is “pandering”, but, pandering to whom? If I remember correctly, no one asked if you were hispanic or not when Texas was fighting for it’s independence. Maybe the “latino” vote? Maybe “latino” people are American too; maybe they don’t like to see women and children die in the desert; maybe they don’t like other “latino” people being used as “mules”… Maybe most “latino” Americans don’t have the stomach to sell their principles down the river to advance a personal agenda. Maybe we are ALL Americans and just want to respect the rule of law. Maybe we are smart enough, and engaged enough, to refine or replace laws that are outdated or NOT in our national interest. Enough already! Someone PLEASE vote this moron out of office (his dissertation on stupidity is boring me)!

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