Peter Pan’s Green Cake was Poisoned

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By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

I remember watching the movie Peter Pan as a young boy and feeling physically ill at the thought of Peter eating the poisoned green cake which had been placed where the Lost Boys would find it. The shape of the green cake has changed over the years; now it’s disguised as green energy. The poison introduced in America has been carefully manipulated; the hoax of man made global warming and the necessary redistribution of wealth to save our planet through socialism.

You might recall a poisonous statement made by Robert McChesney, influential adviser to the Obama administration:

“There is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles”

Watching tax dollars being thrown away is a bit disconcerting. Is it due to incompetence of the Obama administration or is such wasteful spending attached to something more sinister and corrupt?

Not too long ago we learned of the Obama administration full court press to throw money at Solyndra, an unstable green energy company. The Bush administration had turned down the loan previously. It turns out Solyndra wasn’t the only scandalous loan provided under Obama, this morning Fox News reported about over half a Billion dollar loan to an electric car manufacturing company – in Finland.

“The Department of Energy is standing by a $529 million loan guarantee to an electric car company that is outsourcing production to Finland.”


“The ABC News report noted the political connections enjoyed by Fisker and another company, Tesla Motors, which together received about $1 billion in loans. Fisker reportedly is backed by a firm that counts ex-Vice President Al Gore among its partners. The article said just 40 of Fisker’s Karma cars have been produced so far, and that Tesla is consistently losing money.”

Fancy that, Al Gore profiting from tax payers in a green energy deal. I read an article in the New York Times by Joe Nocera which tried to justify wasteful spending of taxpayer money for green projects. The New York Times was once regarded as something other than a mouthpiece for the progressive agenda, but most recently they seem to be nothing more than useful idiots or worse.

“…if we could just stop playing gotcha for a second, we might realize that federal loan programs — especially loans for innovative energy technologies — virtually require the government to take risks the private sector won’t take.”

Why would American taxpayers risk hard earned tax money on questionable investments? Aren’t we depending on those in charge of these funds to carefully discharge their duties? I keep forgetting the reality of public office; tax payers and their money are endless in the eyes of government bureaucrats and politicians: Fannie Mae, Tarp, Cash for Clunkers and the list goes on and on.
An article by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. which appeared in the Wall Street Journal countered the idea that government money wasted on Solyndra was simply an investment in developing energy technology which the private sector would not venture into.

“This illustrates what might be called the macro Solyndra policy failure. A poor commercial risk is a poor commercial risk, whether private or government investors take it.”


“But, of course, the calculation behind Solyndra was political, not financial. Factories were wanted. Factories suggest jobs. Factories create photo-ops. Oh well. Solar subsidies have been part of the federal panoply since Carter, and even Reagan tried only to trim them, not eliminate them. The second Bush amped them up bigtime as a way to suggest that his only approach to problems in the Middle East wasn’t to send in the troops.

The Obama contribution hardly amounts to more than a banal urge to take whatever government does and do more of it, as if any chance to expand the role of bureaucrats is too good to miss. In one way, however, his Solyndra venture does fit nicely into today’s megatrend, which, from here to Athens, consists of embarrassingly poor financial management.”

There you have it, the Obama administration lined their own pockets and the pockets of political allies through the use of bogus and manipulated data which they have proclaimed to be the result of man made global warming. The promise of green energy, regardless of its practicality, has been used to squander billions of dollars, not so much on innovation and new technology, but on long shot ventures which reasoned investors won’t touch. The taxpayers are being played for suckers while at the same time our free market system is being dismantled brick by brick.

Up until now I’d heard detractors of Obama compare him to many unsavory characters, but until today it never occurred to me how similar he and his administration are to Captain Hook and the pirates of Never Never Land. The magic of America, the free market system, has taken in the poison. Isn’t it time for those who still believe in America to begin clapping in order to save her?

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