5 thoughts on ““Occupy” D. C. Protester Says Movement May be Working on a “Declaration of Independence” to Form a “New United States”

  1. Can I please please please please PLEASE watch them shot down in the streets as they try to fight their revolution against the US military? And can you give me enough notice so that I can have popcorn ready?

  2. Maybe they should try living according to the one we already have. While their at it maybe they should have a look at our constitution. They might be surprised at what they find.

  3. Well that is two wanting to change our constitution, who is next? probably the muslims or the atheists………

  4. Atheists don’t have to change the Constitution. We have all the ‘atheist-related’ protections we need in the 1st Amendment, thanks much.

    Please don’t lump me in with these fools. It only demonstrates your ignorance.

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