Tom DeWeese – Agenda 21 Presentation in Raleigh

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NC Renegade

Introduction to Agenda 21

Non-Government Organizations

Social Justice

Gross National Happiness and Happy Planning Index

Ecological Integrity:
Sacrifice Freedom to Protect the Planet

Reinventing Government

Smart Growth: Population Control

Public Private Partnerships and Alternative Energy

2 thoughts on “Tom DeWeese – Agenda 21 Presentation in Raleigh

  1. This man, Tom DeWeese, knows what he his talking about. I have studied Agenda 21 and its companion Biodiversity Assessment Convention and the scientific reports upon which they rely. It is ominous. Anyone who loves America better wake up to this insidious thief in the night because it is well along in stealing what we hold dear.

    There should be hundreds of comments posted here but everybody appears too busy. Probably watching “Dancing with the Stars”……….

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