Cyprus Newspaper Publishes A7 Story on Findings of US Topographer

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By: Fern Sidman

In a page one article published in their November 26th issue, Phileleftheros, a leading Cyprus daily newspaper, re-published an Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) article originally posted on November 25th on the findings of US topographer and security analyst Mark Langfan. Langfan asserted that Israel is the sole line of defense for Greece and Cyprus in the event of an attack by Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean.

The article entitled, “Israel Examines War Scenarios”, reiterates Langfan’s warnings that Turkey has a “Neo-Ottoman Preveza” offensive order of battle aimed directly at the Mediterranean and discusses the beliefs held by military analysts that there are not only serious dangers to be watched for in the region, but also in Europe due to Turkish policies of expansionism.

Having translated the third part of Langfan’s “Western Theater 2” graphics into Greek, the article goes on to state that the Arutz Sheva article presents, “An extremely interesting analysis by Mark Langfan with graphics noting that his theory is based on the hypothetical, but not impossible scenario of an Iranian control of all Arab states, even the occupation of Israel. Based on this scenario, but also due to Turkish expansionist policies, the American topographer and analyst explains the reasons for which NATO must support Israel, which he (Langfan) presents as the power that could protect both Cyprus and Greece from the Neo-Ottoman expansionist police of Turkey.”

The article further states: “In his analysis, Langfan notes that Turkey attempts to steal the natural gas from the Greek Cypriots and Israel; the value of which is many billions of dollars. These billions will be used to fund the military development of Mediterranean Islamic countries.”

Langfan says that due to the Arutz Sheva article, he has received thousands of hits to his website from all over world and especially Cyprus and Greece. He adds that, “There is a reason why Turkey named a main class of its “attack” submarines “Preveze” after the Ottoman 1538 naval victory over the pan-Christian “Holy League” alliance. The real question that must be asked is, “Why does Turkey have 14 modern German battle submarines and a standing army of 400,000 soldiers when Greek Cyprus has a total population of 800,000?” ( By comparison, Israel only has a ‘grand’ total of 3 German submarines of roughly similar tonnage, and is at war with 29 Muslim countries with a billion Muslims that want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.”

Issuing yet another clarion call, Langfan adds, “This sccenario represents an irreversible military catastrophe for Cyprus, Israel, Russia and Europe and it is just waiting to happen. Turkey clearly believes the road to “Vienna” lies through Cyprus and Israel.”

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