One thought on “Bachmann Calls Newt a ‘Frugal Socialist’ During Radio Interview With Glenn Beck

  1. I agree with everthing she has said except that N, Gingrich is a Socialist. I don’t believe that. He has proved otherwise many times. I believe the most important aspect of Fed. Gov is to assure equal rights for all citizens, maintain Freedom at all costs, and to protect the population from any danger, be it a hostile Nation, a disease, or a conpiracy to overthrow our Republic, or to eliminate past practices, and or traditional American value’s.. Our Representatives should protect our National, & States Rights, as they review the laws we need to enforce. They should maintain the original intent of Freedom, and the right to excell as you desire.
    I disagree with any law that takes rights from one group of people, and gives special rights to another group. That is not equal rights..
    Laws shouldn’t allow matrimony between people of the same sex for reasons which are evident. (They can not normally reproduce..)

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