2 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Michele Bachmann: ‘She Hates Muslims’

  1. Why should he be ashamed of this remarks?
    If it’s the truth there should be nothing to be ashamed of. He was accurate about Santorum as well. If it’s the truth it’s the truth. We all know that many among us dislike Muslims. Or is it that he should be ashamed because he doesn’t claim to dislike Muslims himself?

    We all must face and admit to the truths that surround us. If we walk through this with our eyes closed and mouth shut, we will never be able to take on the task at hand and achieve our ultimate goal.

    I say stop with the Political Correctness, it’s a Progressive tactic in order to have everyone conform.

  2. There is no reason to believe that any presidential candidate hates Muslims. Some of them are suspicious of Islam, but none of them are suspicious enough.

    If Ron Paul accuses anyone of “hating Muslims”, that person should consider it a backhanded compliment.

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