Ron Paul a poor choice for GOP nomination?

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Read the transcript at Glenn Beck’s site: Ron Paul a poor choice for GOP nomination?

This morning, Glenn Beck spoke of the connections between Ron Paul and George Soros. He quoted directly from Daniel Greenfield’s article from Sultan Knish:

Ron Paul supporters can see conspiracies in a glass of water, can they see anything wrong with this picture?

Glenn Beck:

Glenn: “He co chaired a committee with Barney Frank. I’m looking for the information. Here it is. Co chaired with Barney Frank in 2010 and he was he had to put a committee together of 14 different people. He and Barney Frank put a committee together. I believe it was eleven of them were directly George Soros people. Now, I look at Ron Paul and I say, “Well, wait a minute. How did Ron Paul miss the George Soros connection?” How did a guy who is, as this article that I read this morning said, you know, many people that support Ron Paul can find a conspiracy in a glass of water. How can you miss eleven out of fourteen people being directly connected to George Soros and having his defense plan, the George Soros defense plan being the thing that he says, yeah, we’re going to we’re going to have these guys look into the military of tomorrow. That doesn’t sound healthy.“

If you haven’t read Daniel’s article, make sure you go there and read it all. Excellent writing and excellent research. Questions that have to be asked and answered.

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  1. I’ve been reading Daniel Greenfield’s articles for several years now and cannot recommend him enough as a political writer who is soundly grounded in reality. Many of us appear to be snoozing through this ghastly time of economic downturn, political upheaval and moral decline, yet in America this Ron Paul appears on the horizon and citizens leap at the idea he is going to lead you out of the abyss? He will do no such this, the man is a menace and will take you over a cliff and not to a place of safety. Our world has become so skewed I read in yesterdays Irish Independent that those illegal Irish residents now living in America have a RIGHT to be there because we Irish have such a strong connection to your country. Excuse me? We have no rights, and when we break the law ought to be booted to the kerb for being so high handed in someone else’s country. But it is the American government who give my countrymen and women this idea as they see how soft your country is when it comes to Mexicans, Eastern Europeans and the Arabic world in general crashing through the back door and do absolutely nothing about it. It is beyond time you take this problem of illegal aliens firmly by the throat and wrestle it to the ground, but that will never happen when you have the likes of your current golfer-in-chief leading you toward that dangerous cliff. Best wishes for the New Year.

  2. Excellent Maura! My family originally came from Ireland to the States and I could not agree with you more. If we don’t get rid of the Progressives and Marxists at the helm, we will go the way of Europe or worse. Glad to meet you! 🙂

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