2 thoughts on “Anti-Obama Sign on Trailer Causes Controversy in Florida

  1. So what is new, the socialist have been changing the rules and requlation for years, and selective enforcement is the norm. I live in a surburane rural zoned acre lot, bet It would get the same treatment. “They” write the rules for everything from the school boards up to total voter rights. Then when “They” do something that does not match Their rules, it is ignored. You have to vote out or recall the ones who fight the little guy. It is a rock being pushed uphill, but it does work. Better than shooting the s.o.b.’s, which just will hurt us all. In jest, it might work, but only for a short time. Damnit all.

    When the neighbors bitch, it is because they are the ones who buy lottery tickets for their retirement. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Thomas Jefferson- “a difference of opinion, is not a difference of principle” . Just think and vote, remind them all of your principles.

  2. I hope my vote counts? I have my suspicions. I agree 100% with John Walker in Winterpark. He has every right to protest. Would they fine him, if he put pictures of Obama up everywhere? Don’t know.

    And Obamacare should be protested against, it will cost another $5 trillion the US does not have.

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